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Oct 10, 2006 05:17 PM

Landlubber heading to Outerbanks (OBX)

My parents are taking the whole family (all Midwesterners) to stay somewhere on the Outerbanks the week of Thanksgiving (2007) for their 40th Anniversary. My mom wants the whole thing organized and finalized ASAP. I'm in charge of scoping out the best place to stay based on local chow.

A few questions before I delve in to my research:

Do a lot of the restaurants close up for the off-season?

A friend mentioned that Avon has many restaurants - are they any good? Is there someplace with better choices - somewhere less commercial?

Is their particular seafood that is in season at that time of the year (for the cooking we'll be doing in the rental house)?

Anything else I need to know? Thanks!

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  1. We go to the Outer Banks for a week every year, but to the Kitty Hawk area. I may be wrong, but I don't think that there is going to be much of a restaurant selection in Avon. South of Nagshead is less populated than the northern part of the Outer Banks, but the beaches are better in the south.

    You may be better off staying in the Duck/Corolla area if you're looking for an area with a larger selection of restaurants. From what I've seen of the beaches in the Corolla area they look good and don't appear to have suffered from the erosion problems that Kitty Hawk through Nagshead have had.

    Do a search on the board for the Outer Banks - there have been a lot of restaurant recommendations.

    There should be plenty of fresh fish during the Thanksgiving stay, and I don't believe that a lot of the restaurants will be closed, but then again, I may be wrong. It's been a while since I've stayed there during Thanksgiving.

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      My family goes to the OBX every other year, and we stay in the Corolla area. The beaches are fabulous ( as a matter of fact, I like them better than those south of the Wright bridge). Here are a few i;deas:

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        Some good sugestions here, but be sure to search on the outer banks south board too - lots of info

    2. Thanksgiving has become a very active time in the Outer Banks, so most restaurants stay open now. We have a house in Corolla, so I am VERY prejudiced when I say you ought to stay there.

      Restaurants not to miss:
      Roadside Cafe in Duck
      Meridian 43 in Southern Shores
      A new one we just tried two weeks ago a loved...Michael Dianes (or something like that) at the back of the Timbuck 2 shopping center in Corolla.
      If you are further south we have also loved The Flying Fish on the main drag.

      As far as seafood - the strippers should be running so stripped bass will be really fresh and excellent. Also the scallops and shrimp are fresh and good. The tuna is usually fresh from the boats down in Oregon Inlet.

      Bottom line - enjoy yourselves and hope all works out better than planned.