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Oct 10, 2006 05:06 PM

Comfort me on Columbus Day - Juniors

Faced with the spectre of North Korea sabre rattling plus the sadness that my esteemed ancestor Leif wasn't getting his true acknowledgement that he discovered the New World, decided we needed the comfort of Juniors for lunch. In a world gone mad, a true oasis is Juniors with 'Sam' our waitperson hovering over us with instant pickles, water, chocolate phosphate (better at Factors, Mme Zoe had her favorite Reuben sans the Thousand Island dressing (could only eat half); Chowpup had a turkey burger, so huge it looked like a raft with fries well done (also took home half); I had half a turkey salad sandwich - perfect cubes of turkey, not too small, with celery, onion, not too much mayo plus tomato and whole lettuce leaf rather than that shredded stuff on freshest rye. Had a bowl of matzo ball soup (an extra $2.50 on the half sandwich and soup deal BUT its a bowl enough - more than enough - for two). A feathery matzo ball, rich broth, tender carrot and chicken neither overcooked, it rocked and made me feel I could tackle Kim Il and his bad haircut. Shared a bread pud with rum custard on the side. Three people could not finish the jumbo portion. A wonderous cold day dessert. Bill $55 plus tip. Excellent service, food.

Westwood Blvd north of Pico

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  1. I go to Juniors when I'm feeling down too. And I always leave feeling comforted. I go there a lot now. For pastrami, swiss, and eggs scrambled to eat with rye toast and sauerkraut (love that stuff) for a hot turkey sandwich, extra gravy on the fries (crisp, wet, meaty, sweet, potatoey, salty, fluffy little bites of heaven), for a patty melt, for a short rib dinner (but aren't those little wannabe latkes pathetic and gross?), for a tureen of soup with generously stuffed briskety kreplach and fluffy matzo balls and buckwheat and noodles and celery and chicken--two or three meals in there at least--for a toasted pound cake sundae and a chocolate coke.
    It's embarassing to love any deli so much. But it's seen me through so many ups and downs. It's like my grandma, only it never asks me when I'm going to marry a nice Jewish boy and give her grandchildren. And it never burns the brisket.

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      I confess to being fond of their rare roastbeef on rye with schmaltz and onions.

    2. I go so far back with that corner. I remember when the may co. was new before they built the WS Pavillion around it. I remember when juniors pushed the record store around the corner so it could do its first expansion. I remember the Blue Chip stamp store and cheap matinees at the Picwood.

      where was I? Oh yes, Junior's. Not that I've made a study of it but of the places I've tried, Junior's has my favorite sweet and sour cabbage soup. As I tried it at other places and tried preparing it at home, I came to realize how easy it is to get the flavor balance out of wack. Junior's nails it every time.