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Oct 10, 2006 04:16 PM

fantastic restaurant near union st in park slope

i have some manhattan foodies coming to park slope di la is closed so i am looking for any other recommendations. please advise...

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  1. take them to Rose Water....Union and 6th. can't go wrong with that recommendation.

    you could also try Convivium on 5th and St. Marks, Stone Park Cafe on 5th and 3rd, Blue Ribbon, etc. my gut feeling is that you are looking for something on the nicer end.

    1. Al di la is open on Monday and closed on Tuesday. You can take your friends there tonight.

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      1. re: micki

        Today IS Tuesday -- it just feels like a Monday!

        1. re: Helen F

          These Monday holidays are killing me.

      2. I highly recommend Applewood - David Shea is IMHO the superstar chef of Park Slope. 11th and 7th Ave.