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Oct 10, 2006 03:54 PM

Recs for dinner tonight--thoughts on Spotted Pig, Fish, Pastis, Other?

Hi all, I' going to a show tonight in the Chelsea/Meatpacking area and am trying to figure a dinner spot for tonight. Nothing too expensive but I was thinking since it's a Tuesday maybe something like the Spotted Pig/Pastis would be easy to get into. Anyone have any thoughts on these places- I've never been? I've also always wanted to try Fish on Bleeker street. Really looking for anywhere west. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. (BTW I love Markt but just went there last week!)

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  1. Unless you go before 630 or so, Spotted Pig will have a wait of probably 1-1.5 hrs tonight. I have waited that long at even 10pm. I believe Tuesday is a big celebrity night there.

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      Wow--are you serious? Even on a Tuesday! What about the bar area. I'm really into good beers and that is mainly the reason I want to go.

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        I really have to second the opinion that The Spotted Pig is not worth it. It is usually so crowded, the chairs are uncomfortable and (the worst part) the food was just okay. I was very disappointed.

    2. The spotted pig is nothing fabulous. Fancy pub food but not a destination place for me. Head to The little owl where they accept reservations with better food.

      1. I emphatically recommend Fish. I have only recently discovered this place and I can't get enough. The oysters are top notch and at happy hour (until 7) they have great deals. The fried oysters are unbelievable(a must), as well as the Angels on Horseback (oysters wrapped in double-smoked bacon...yum) The service is friendly as well, which is always a pleasant surprise. If you do go, please post back and let us know what you had. There are so many things on that menu that I want to try!

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          I love all seafood except oysters---any other recs for Fish--looks like where we may go.

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            Their lobster roll comes highly recommended, as does the hamburger, believe it or not. It's the only item on the menu that isn't seafood but they get their meat from Ottomanelli's butcher shop across the street. The soups are amazing (best clam chowder) and the fries are great. I don't think you can go wrong. Enjoy your evening!

        2. Even on a Tuesday, the bar area of Spotted Pig will be unbelievably packed, and yes, after 6:30 PM there will be a long wait for a table. You may want to try Barbuto, on Washington St. a few blocks down. Even if their tables are full, it's usually possible to grab seats to eat at their bar. Their food, Italian, is very good, and on nice nights they raise the walls so it's almost like you are eating outside.

          1. Buddakan- if you can get a reservation. Creative Chinese with over-the-top interior. Prices not that bad either