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Oct 10, 2006 03:45 PM

marble bread!!!! pumpkin variety

I had the best marble pumpkin bread at Tanner's coffee shop in Los Angeles today! The brown marbling I’m guessing was chocolate? It tasted a little malt-like. The only recipes I've seen for marble + pumpkin are the cheese cake variety. I’m happy with my pumpkin cheese cake and don’t want to add chocolate to that, but I’d really like to find a recipe for marble pumpkin bread! Thanks for your help!!

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  1. This sounds heavenly---I hope someone chimes in with a recipe for us!!

    1. my former roommate used to make something like this, i think. i'll describe it and if it sounds right, i'll have her email me the recipe.
      it's a pumpkin bread but with a topping of cream cheese like something mixed with chocolate chips. maybe that's too cheesecakey? and after reading your post again, i'm thinking it is, but heck, it was a darned good treat!

      1. This sounds really good, so I did some web searching.
        NOTE: I have not yet tried this recipe - it just looks like what you're describing.

        If you do try this, please report back! Actually now to think of it, maybe I'll make this into muffins! ooo..sounds like a good project.

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          yeah! will make it asap and let you know how it turns out! thanks