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Oct 10, 2006 03:15 PM

Bottom Round Roast - Good for braising?

I'm getting some beef from a farm nearby and want something I can braise but they're pretty low right now. My understanding is that a Bottom Round Roast, while not ideal, would make for a decent braise. Not quite fatty enough, maybe, but not totally lean either. Is that correct?

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  1. I usually try to get a chuck or short ribs for braising, but a few days ago, a beautiful bottom round was on sale. I sliced it thinly, pounded the slices, and decided to make rouladen, stuffed with pancetta and marinated mushrooms. Seared the rolls in pancetta drippings, then slowly browned a huge quantity of onions in same. Braised for about 2 hours with a bit of beef stock and white wine. Also a handful of assorted herbs. It was delightful.

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      At a house in southern Italy, where we were invited to a holiday lunch by my sister's neighbors, one course was meat rolls very much like the ones described above, except that they were cooked in the sauce that was served with the pasta course (handmade orecchiete - yum!). After the pasta had been served, each person got a nice meat log. Don't remember the exact filling - it's been almost thirty years! - but I do remember that it was flavorful and good, and that the meat, which was very lean, was fork-tender by the time it got to us.

    2. That's the ideal cut for a pot roast recipe.

      1. I believe that rump roast is from the same area as round roast. Yes, while it's not as good or flavorful as chuck roast, it can be used in pot roast or stew style recipes like bouef bourguignon.

        1. I think the bottom round is too lean to make a good pot roast unless you lard it or marinate it for days as for sauerbraten. The rump roast, part of the top round, mades a better pot roast. The best are chuck and brisket. Of course short ribs are great for braising but it is not a pot roast.

          1. cool. Sounds like, as I thought, it will make a passable braise, though not as good as a fattier cut. I don't really have a lot of choice (they only have a few cuts left) so I'll tak emy chances and see if it's too lean for my taste. thanks!