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Oct 10, 2006 03:03 PM

Nice Meal in Brooklyn

i'm looking for a nice restaurant to go to with my parents when they visit on october 21st. i used to live in manhattan and took my parents to babbo, lupa, nobu, etc. they enjoyed babbo the best. we're a big foodie family, so we certainly don't mind traveling if it means a good meal is waiting. i live on smith street and would prefer to try a new location.

a few guidelines:
- it would be preferable if they took reservations and i could still get a reservation if i called today for the 21st.
- cuisine doesn't really matter, although my parents aren't wild about indian or thai.
- price doesn't really matter, but i get angry when i pay a lot for a meal that wasn't worth the price (chestnut comes to mind).

thanks in advance!

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  1. I've always had really good experieces at Applewood. The very first time I went there was with my visiting mom and we had fabulous meal. And I think both the room and the food are best this time of year.

    1. Stay on Smith Street and go to Saul. Or the Grocery (to quite asupscale in atmosphere). Or for more low key (10 tables, limited menu) but with excellent food and service, try the Garden Café in Prospect Heights. On the more expensive end, there's Peter Luger's for the best steak or the River Café for wonderful views, atmosphere and service and decent, but not mind blowing, food.

      1. Try La Lunetta which replaced Taku - and report back. Menu looks like your parents would like.

        1. The Grocery on Smith street in Carroll Gardens. Me and my girl just went there last night for the second time for our aniversary. It is THE place in BK for the meal of a lifetime. out of this world food and a charming and gracious staff

          1. has lunetta opened yet? i tried to go with my friends last week and it was still closed.

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              Yes, it opened. I think on Saturday.