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New to Powderhorn Park Neighborhood and South Minneapolis

Hey there Chowhounds! I'm glad to see all the food enthusiasts out there, I'm a new hound. My girlfriend and I just moved to the Powderhorn Park neighborhood and are looking for good eats. We're not looking for the upscale places, but for those awesome places that we can go to again and again, finding good food and a sense of place.

So far we've been to the Chatterbox and I'm happy to find good beer and an easy hangout with pretty quality food. Any other suggestions?



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  1. Hi Jay! I live in Powderhorn as well. The Chatterbox is great. Good food and a cozy hang out.

    Other places to check out:
    • The Cardinal Tavern (just west of the 38th Street lightrail station off Hiawatha). The food isn't terribly memorable but they make a decent Juicy Lucy and serve some damn cheap beer (no liquor). Great clientele, too. Always someone to talk to :)
    • Cap's Grille (5000 Hiawatha Ave) - good BBQ. Try the pork chop!
    • Matt's Bar (3500 Cedar Ave S) - one of the best Juicy Lucy's in town. They claim to have created it.

    I admitedly haven't been to the following places but they're all in our neighborhood:

    • Ted Cook's 19th Hole BBQ (on 38th St. just west of Hiawatha)
    • Sweet Lorraine's (another block or so west of Ted Cooks)
    • Joey D's Chicago Style Pizza, 3101 42nd St. E (http://www.joeydsonline.com/dev/index...


    Otherwise, there are a ton of places within reasonable driving distance to chow at.

    Good luck!

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      Ted Cook's is excellent! The pork ribs are some of the meatiest I have had in the metro area (sadly I wasn't quite as impressed with the beef ribs), served with a pile of jojo potatoes - yum! Take out only.

      Sweet Lorrain's is nothing spectacular. A nice little neighborhood place that does a mix of (standard) mexican and american cuisine.

      Joey D's has pretty decent pizza, and chicago style hot dogs.

    2. are you looking for places that are super-close (walkable), or places that are moderately close (quick drive)? I came up with a few possibilities, but I don't think any of them is in your backyard.

      Longfellow Grill: upgraded American fare, reasonably good quality.

      Singapore!: Pan-Asian cuisine, quite good. No website so I just posted the address, etc.:
      (612) 722-0888
      5554 34th Ave S
      Minneapolis, MN 55417

      Craftsman: upgraded pub-food (never been, but there are postings on it



      Midori's Floating World: Japanese/sushi, reasonably priced and very good, just went for the first time this weekend and though it is not close to us, we will go back.


      Does anyone think Manny's Tortas or Midtown Global Market are close enough?

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        I had a great experience at the Longfellow Grill. Very friendly service and an amazing Turkey burger with all sorts of great flavors all working together. I seem to remember it won 'best burger' from one of the Cities mags, but I can't remember which one.

        Not sold on the decor, but I guess that's not what's most important. The outdoor patio would be hosting me next time I go.

      2. If Midori's is close, Manny's is just across Lake, and the MGMkt (DQ, did I get that right?:)is actually a bit closer to the Powderhorn side of Hiawatha.

        I heartily second all of the above and would tentatively submit what was the Grand Bakery (Grand and 38th), which I haven't been to under the new management, and Victor's 1959 Cafe (38th just up from Grand), which is awesome.


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          Whoops! I missed this post until just now. Please forgive my delinquency...

          Dragon, yes, MGMkt is the abbreviation we settled on for Midtown Global Market, after much chowhound'ish debate. (I was calling it MGM, but a lot of people objected, thinking it sounded too much like the liquor warehouse...)

          I love MGMkt, I just had an awesome mole chicken poblano there (at A la Salsa) and it came with these wonderful tender tamales on the side (no stuffing in the tamales, it was just on the side as the starch for the meal.) My margarita was a bit too sweet, but the meal itself was lovely.

          Also, let me add, MGMkt is a wonderful place to do your holiday shopping if you want chow'ish or ethnic gifts. I'm done with my shopping now! Maybe I'll make an outside post about it.


        2. Behold the gastronomical watershed of Lake and Bloomington. Las Americas is a huge Mexican supermarket with a snack counter in the entrance and restaurant in back. You could keep yourself occupied for months at the food court in Mercado Central. Try the tamales from the La Loma coffee shop there. On the same block is a new taqueria called Taco Taxi - haven't eaten there, but friends say its tasty, cheap and very friendly.

          Guayaquil (same corner) serves Ecuadorian food - I had some chicken and rice (ok), and a fantastic catfish/yucca soup, but that was when they first opened a few years ago. Always meant to try their arepas... Two blocks east is La Poblanita, which recently moved their restaurant operations from a crowded deli counter to the infamous Pizza Shack space. They make their own masa into tortillas, huaraches, sopes, gorditas and the like. (Oh my, this is making me nostalgic. I used to work right there and lunch was the highlight of my day.)

          The May Day Cafe at 35th and Bloomington is a great place for breakfast, brunch, lunch and coffee. I love their cheese danishes with cherries or blueberries, and the breakfast burrito (only served on weekends).

          Jamaica Jamaica is on the corner of 38th and Bloominton. I haven't been there in a while, but the food is tasty and plentiful, and I remember the folks in there being very very friendly.

          These aren't really at all beer and hangout places, but worth checking out sometime if you'd like to try something different in your neighborhood.

          1. You're not too far from the Colossal Cafe, an eeny-beeny little breakfast spot on 42nd & Cedar. Coffee in a french press, lovely omelets.

            You may also enjoy taking the occasional trek down to Hot Plate on 52nd and Bloomington, for breakfast or dinner or simply a gander at their art collection. >;)

            You're in the perfect place to debate whether today's pastry run should go north to the Franklin Street Bakery (10th and Franklin) or south to Turtle Bread (48th and Chicago).

            A block east of Franklin Street Bakery is Maria's Cafe, home to traditional Colombian menu offerings. Not sure if they are still serving dinner, but I get a periodic craving for their chachapas venezolanos y cotija (corn pancakes with crumbled fresh cheese) or their yucca and plantain side dishes.

            On the same intersection as Turtle Bread are two long-timers and two newcomers. Adrian's is a classic beer-and-burger bar that's been there since before time began, and Pepitos has a few Mexican dishes that individuals swear by, like tamales. Two recent arrivals are the Pumphouse Creamery for terrific ice cream and Koyi for sushi. All within 50 yards of one another.

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              48th & Chicago has a lot of food places these days. In a addition to the ones KT mentioned there's a high-buck restaurant attached to Turtle Bread called Levain which has mixed reviews, Chicago Deli (breakfast all day), and Sovereign Grounds (coffee shop with food). I won't mention Pizza Hut on the corner (dangnabbit! I guess I just did) or the Chinese takeout across 48th from Levain's red door (anyone tried this place?)

              Actually the new 48th & Chicago sushi place is called Bagu:
              http://www.bagusushi.com/ Haven't tried it yet but hope to.

              Koyi Sushi is located downtown in the warehouse district: http://twincities.citysearch.com/prof...

              Oh yeah, and Pumphouse Creamery ice cream is crazy delicious!

              1. re: Neitz

                Star Moon (the Chinese place) is OK for takeout. We tried it a few weeks ago ... some dishes were competent, some were so-so. Pretty standard takeout fare.

                Ba Gu is OK. The space is "hip" ... the sushi is decent but doesn't hold a candle to Origami or Fuji-Ya. Its best recommendation is that it's fresh sushi in the neighborhood. Haven't tried any of the non-sushi dishes there yet.

                My one Chicago Deli experience was pretty miserable. Greasy spoon, extra grease, minus any charm.

                Pumphouse Creamery is fantastic.

            2. The 5-8 Club is just south of Nokomis on Cedar and it has dirt cheap food and beer. The food is okay to good, but you can't beat the prices. Fat Lorenzos is great too.

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                5-8 also famous for Juicy Lucy.

                Also near Nokomis is Hot Plate (I was undewhelmed) and Firefly (great hot melt sandwiches and good coffee and tea and excellent baked goods).

                Double agree w/ Fat Lorenzo's. Terrific pizza (NOT Neapolitan) and they serve gelato now. Only bottled beers, though - no drafts.

              2. Jay, stupid question: from where did you move? another neighborhood in the Twin Cities or someplace more distant?

                (The answer will keep me from assuming you already know/don't know about Powderhorn's adjacent neighborhoods.)

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                  Wow, I can't believe so many people actually gave me this incredible advice. Maybe I'm immensely naieve about the power of good discussion boards like Chow Hound. This is my first time participating in one of these discussions. I'm floored.

                  Anyway, I grew up in the Cities but left in 1995 for places out west (Oregon, British Columbia, Arizona) and have recently moved back to the cities. My girlfriend and I moved into a great flat on 10th Ave and 36th and love it so far.

                  1. re: jkrienitz

                    I'm just an imposter from the suburbs, but if I lived up there, I'd frequently be crossing over 35W to Crema Cafe (34th and Lyndale Avenue) and My-T-Fine Cafe (43rd and Bryant Avenue).

                    Welcome back. Let us know what you find.

                    1. re: MSPD

                      I'll second the vote for Crema. Fantastic organic ice creams...specifically the 'crema' flavor. I don't live in the cities, but I get cravings and have to stop in from time to time. It's great to see Sonny still wandering around, doing his thing.

                2. Gigi's is a bit out of your neighbourhood but i thought i would mention it since you are on 36th which makes it a quick drive. It has a grat neighbourhood feel, the food is great (deli+) for the price and since they got a liquer liscence you can't ask for more. We eat there at least twice a week. Gigi's cafe is on 36th and Bryant.

                  I can't find a website for them but here is a review from the rake (which is by the way a great local magazine)


                  1. Clicquot Club Cafe isn't too far away. Haven't been there, but I've seen it talked about lately - particulary in the City Pages.


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                      I've had a couple of terrific breakfasts there. (Breakfast is the one upside to that whole getting-out-of-bed-and-starting-the-day thing....)

                    2. A must if you like Mexican is the new (6 months) Dominquez on 50th Street and 34th Ave...across from Nokomis Shoes. Family owned, friendly and EXCELLEN food. Please give them a try. They do serve wine and beer and have take out. VERY CLEAN and brightly painted dining area.

                      ALso, I don't think anyone mentioned El Meson on 35th and Lyndale. They have a Caribbean menu and wonderful food.