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Oct 10, 2006 02:18 PM

Foreign Cinema report

Just came back from San Fran today and went to Foreign Cinema for dinner on Friday (10/6) for two. We ordered 1/2 dozen Kumamoto oysters, tuna tartare, quail, and poached salmon - - along with a bottle of wine.

Service was not too attentive. Maybe it was just our waiter that wasn't the best for this particular night. Not too informative or helpful.

The sommelier was friendlier and helpful when serving us the wine.

- The oysters were good.
- My gf didn't like the tartar and neither did I.
- Quail was not worth the price or order. Not the first time I've had quail and it won't be the last. This was stuffed with breadcrumbs and cranberries.
- Poached salmon was decent, but I've had better.

All-in-all, Foreign Cinema for us was more memorable for the scene than the food. Decor has a "typical" west coast feel to it and although the service wasn't as attentive, they weren't rude which is good enough for me.

Dinner came out to $150 for two (including tip) and I've spent that amount before (if not less) and walked out feeling happier. Go if you must to say you've been there, done that - - but look elsewhere if you're more about the food.

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  1. I really like Foreign Cinema for brunch. They menu is diverse and the staff is attentive and accomodating. I went recently with a group and they did a particularly good job with kids.

    1. I've been to Foreign Cinema at least half a dozen times and have always had great service and really good food. I'm really sorry to hear that wasn't your experience. I hope it's not going downhill.