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Oct 10, 2006 01:43 PM

What's new in Pleasantville

Two things--

1. An Indian restaurant is opening on Wheeler Ave. It's called Bollywood Bistro, and the word on the street is that it's owned by someone who owns another Westchester Indian restaurant. But no further details. Looks like there's going to be an Asian gift shop attached.

2. Trinacria, the Italian deli across the street (just up from Jackson and Wheeler) makes a lot of food to go, and much of it is surprisingly good. I've tried a lot of their homemade soups, and they are superior, especially the tomato and the lentil. They sometime have empanadas(really good). And now there's a sign up in the window advertising their homemade tamales. I'll get over there soon to check them out.

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  1. Do you have any idea when the Indian place will open? I will be in P'ville at the end of October and might try it if it's open.

    Any other suggestions for casual Indian or Thai in P'ville or south (I'll be traveling from LI)?

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    1. re: chrisonli

      Check back in a few weeks. I'll stop by and see how the restaurant is progressing.

      I think the best Thai around is in Sleepy Hollow (SW of Pleasantville)

      For Indian, there are several choices. In Valhalla, two towns south, there's Mughal Palace, which has gotten some good notices on this board. (16 Broadway, 997-6090


      We tend to go to Bengal Tiger ( in White Plains.

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        Has anyone been to Passage to India that opened recently in Mt. Kisco? I think the owner also runs India House in Montrose... I've been meaning to check this new place out... but any info from folks who've already gone would be helpful!

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          Sorry to say that I've been there several times, and found it rather mundane. No matter what we order, there's a sameness to their sauces, and there's often a wan quality to the flavors of the dishes. Their breads are pretty good, though -- the onion kulcha was pretty successful.

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          I was actually a little disappointed with Thai Garden in SH! It's gorgeous inside, but I think Thai House in Ardsley has better food.

          1. re: spa

            I've been disappointed by Thai Garden too...dull seasonings, dry meats. I've never understood why the Times gave it such a rave when it opened. For me, the best suburban Thai is Little Thai Kitchen in Greenwich.

          2. re: chrisonli

            About Bollywood in Pleasantville NY, an experience to be forgotten to say the least! . Should you decide to dine in, be sure to make it very snappy because you have to be in and out of the restaurant within 80 minutes because another patron needs your seat. Heck they did not even wait until my friend had finished her meal. She still had her fork in her hand when they offered coffee and when she declined, they offered to wrap her food. A definite no no for me and all my friends.Yes, I am addicted to Indian food and eat Indian at least 2x a week in NYC and in Westchester. Bollywood has no clue that food is supposed to be enjoyed and lingered over I wonder what would have happend if we had ordered a bottle of wine. Would we have been sent into the street with the bottle in our hands? Trust me, if I wanted fast food I would have gone to the diner and had better service. Back to the Bengal Tiger for me. At least they understand the essence of dining .

          3. Has anyone checked out Bollywood Bistro in Pville yet? There was an ad/coupon in the Clipper magazine this week and I was wondering if it's worth trying for dinner tonight...

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            1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

              Just called them (914.747.4599) was hoping to go tonight but alas .. they don't open until Nov. 2

              1. re: SLO

                Seems it's now opening on the 7th ....

            2. Mughal Palace is very good, but Royal Palace in Greenburgh has the best buffet in the area. The selection is HUGE and the food is very good.

              What do people think of Swadee Thai in Thornwood? I've had their lunch buffet a few times and thought it was good.

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              1. re: MisterBill2

                I stopped going to Royal Palace after they bullied us into getting the buffet one night a few years ago. We wanted to order a la carte but I guess they didn't feel like cooking anything fresh so several waiters practically forced us to do the buffet. We would have walked out but didn't want to make ascene b/c we were celebrating someone's bday. The service at Patang in Yonkers is much more gracious, and the food better too.

                1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                  Well, whenever I go to Royal Palace it's for the lunch buffet, and since I'm coming from Yorktown, Greenburgh is already far enough to travel from work, I don't feel like going down to Yonkers.

                  1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                    Ever since Patang was opened under new management this past summer, their food has been sooo much better! I tend to go there for takeout, but will have to stay for a meal one of these days. Does anyone remember the older place? Their food was so greasy and overcooked, it was awful!

                    Great news on the Bollywood place, thanks, will definitely check it out!

                2. Went to Bollywood last night at 6pm, just before flicks at Burns Film Center, and had a pleasant meal. Veggie samosas (nicely spicy, two large ones for the appetizer), Chicken Korma (with creamy sauce), Spinach with paneer cheese (missing something, in my opinion, but very fresh tasting), plain naan bread (nicely done), lots of very nice rice with toasted coconut, and cucumber raita (I don't like it with sugar or honey in it and want more cukes in mine, so I wouldn't get that again). For now it's BYOB, and we have leftovers for today's lunch. Service was attentive. They tried to put us up front in a crowded corner (I supposed to make it look busy, which it was just 20-30 minutes later). We asked for a table in the back, and was graciously fulfilled. Tab came to about $47 with the tip, but we didn't need the appetizer nor the raita - just wanted to taste them, and we did have a pile of leftovers, so two meals for $23.50 each?. There's a $7 Clipper Coupon for meals over $50, so if you go with friends, see if you can dig that up. Nice addition to the Northern Westchester dining scene, and look forward to trying other things on the menu.

                  Happy eating...

                  Nancy C

                  1. Went To Bollywood for dinner with my family over the weekend The place was packed , however the staff was extremly polite and did accomodate us after 20 mins . We ordered a Shrimp dish in the appetizer which was extremly good . The chicken korma was excellent and the lamb chops were great . I have heard that the place used to be a gym before . They sure have done a great job with the place . Dont know who the owners are but seems to be a few youngsters . Its a little noisy , but good fun.