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Oct 10, 2006 01:41 PM

Looking for good Russian/Eastern European food while on vacation

I'll be leaving for Hollywood with my husband this week and we are looking for a nice, hopefully authentic Russian or Eastern European restaurant. I've read descriptions of a few but they have limited reviews, specifically Warszawa (Santa Monica), Traktir (Hollywood), Uzbekestan (Hollywood.

Are there any others? Any opinions on the ones listed? Food quality, service, ambiance, etc? Any info would be so appreciated!!

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  1. Warszawa is very old world - and the building's like an old house - very un-Santa Monica. I found the flavors interesting here - and likely authentic. Draws an older crowd for the most part. I would go back but if there were other places with great great reviews, would pass and go elsewhere.

    They do dumplings well.

    1. I can recommend Laszlo's Hortobagy Restaurant in Studio City (just a hop, skip, and a traffic jam from Hollywood, but closer than Santa Monica) -- very good Hungarian food. I don't like gulyas myself, but their veal is excellent and also the desserts range from passable to unbelievable. They have, or had, a chestnut cake that was out of this world.

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        I know this post is old, but an update--Hortobagy is closed.

      2. Csardas on melrose is pretty good as well. Drive along santa monica blvd near fairfax and see if you like any of the places along there - and stop by the delis and pick up stuff. the workers might be able to recommend places new to all of us.

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          The Deli idea is a good one; our favorite - albeit at Victory and Tampa but a shortish hop in the freeway is International Deli in the Loehman's Plaza. They have a breathtaking array of Russian dishes for take away - chicken, patties, potato varieties, salads, pirogi and many unknown (to us) - I would go there in a heart beat the food is that good - however its strictly take away. We were told that Sergei the Chef also Chefs for the hookah restaurant up from the Bruin in Westwood - go figure.

        2. you can always order eastern european food online :) from :)

          1. Not too far from Hollywood, in a strange conflagration of Glassell Park/Eagle Rock/Highland Park/Glendale, you'll find Polka, a small, family-run Polish restaurant. It is not as highfalutin as Warszawa, but the service has always been friendly and I've never had a bad meal there.

            Polka Polish Restaurant
            4112 Verdugo Rd
            Los Angeles, CA 90065
            (323) 255-7887