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Oct 10, 2006 01:39 PM

Mexican in Westchester????

I'm from Southern California where Mexican food is plentiful, inexpensive, authentic, and varied. Is there anywhere in Westchester that won't be disappointing? Also, nobody seems to have horchata! In So. Cal., it was as common as Pepsi. Where can I find it?

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  1. Westchester is notoriously weak as far as restaurants go. You can try Blue Moon in Bronxville which I found very good but coming from California I doubt you'll find anything outside of NYC up to par.

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    1. re: Rockabye

      Blue Moon is tex-mex crap. I live near there and got dragged in a few times. Ugh!

      For good Mexican you have to go to New Rochelle, White Plains, South west Yonkers, or Portchester. Do a search on this board for Mexican and those towns and you will get tons of recent posts.

    2. Actually, mexican in westchester is starting to get pretty good. I grew up outside of LA too. We are really starting to get some great places around - definitely enough to sate your appetite. You won't find the diversity of mexican regional cuisines like you do in LA (like galueguetza, el fortin, monte alban, yucateca, etc.) but you'll find good food from the puebla region, which will include 99.9% of the folks equate to mexican food. If Horchata is what you are looking for, you'll have no problem. It's everywhere. Real fish tacos or tamales oaxaquenos or huaraches or tlacoyos are an altogether different story...

      Anyhow, there have been many, many discussions about mexican in this area on this board. Here are some links to very recent discussions from the past 2 weeks alone:

      New Rochelle and Port Chester have the best options, with White Plains a close second (or third, I guess that would be).

      good luck and please report back so the collective wisdom of the community can continue to grow!

      1. have you tried guadalajara in ossining?

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          I did try Guadalajara and was pretty disappointed. I'll try some of the suggestions posted here. Thanks for the replies!

        2. I believe they have horchata at mexigo in Croton.

          1. The original comment has been removed