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Mexican in Westchester????

I'm from Southern California where Mexican food is plentiful, inexpensive, authentic, and varied. Is there anywhere in Westchester that won't be disappointing? Also, nobody seems to have horchata! In So. Cal., it was as common as Pepsi. Where can I find it?

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  1. Westchester is notoriously weak as far as restaurants go. You can try Blue Moon in Bronxville which I found very good but coming from California I doubt you'll find anything outside of NYC up to par.


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      Blue Moon is tex-mex crap. I live near there and got dragged in a few times. Ugh!

      For good Mexican you have to go to New Rochelle, White Plains, South west Yonkers, or Portchester. Do a search on this board for Mexican and those towns and you will get tons of recent posts.

    2. Actually, mexican in westchester is starting to get pretty good. I grew up outside of LA too. We are really starting to get some great places around - definitely enough to sate your appetite. You won't find the diversity of mexican regional cuisines like you do in LA (like galueguetza, el fortin, monte alban, yucateca, etc.) but you'll find good food from the puebla region, which will include 99.9% of the folks equate to mexican food. If Horchata is what you are looking for, you'll have no problem. It's everywhere. Real fish tacos or tamales oaxaquenos or huaraches or tlacoyos are an altogether different story...

      Anyhow, there have been many, many discussions about mexican in this area on this board. Here are some links to very recent discussions from the past 2 weeks alone:


      New Rochelle and Port Chester have the best options, with White Plains a close second (or third, I guess that would be).

      good luck and please report back so the collective wisdom of the community can continue to grow!

      1. have you tried guadalajara in ossining?

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          I did try Guadalajara and was pretty disappointed. I'll try some of the suggestions posted here. Thanks for the replies!

        2. I believe they have horchata at mexigo in Croton.

          1. I recently found delicious refried beans for $2.50 at Flores Cafe Deli. It is right off Central Avenue at 10 Cross Street in White Plains, NY. I'm using this place for take-out although there are a few tables. I once tried the chalupas roji verdez for take-out but was greatly disappointed as the dish was a mess once I opened it at home.

            1. Haven't tried this place, but Cafe De Las Americas (Route 133 in Ossining, opposite Four Seasons Grocery Store) has Horchata listed on its windows, along with some other things that I don't have any idea what they are: Humitas; Quacker; Tapioca... Who will be the brave person to foray into this storefront and try out the menu? Maybe me! Seemed to have a good crowd of Equadorians there tonight.

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                Nancy, please report back when you try it! I have passed by this place many times but have not ventured in. Curious to see how it is!

              2. I've had mexican food several times in California, and the closest thing to it around here is this little place in Mount Kisco named Azteca. It's across from Borders and you can easily walk by it without even noticing the restaurant. The food is not quite as good as some of the mexican food I've had in California, but it's close, and it's the best I've had around here. Everything we've tried there has been delicious (including the flan) and I usually get salsa and chips to go.

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                  I, too, like Azteca a lot. I thin it's superior to Guadalajara by a considerable margin, although the crowd is less heavily populated by gringos.

                2. I tried Sunset Grille in White Plains. The food was very good, for sure. The presentation is much fancier than what I'm accustomed to in CA, which may account for the absurd prices. $17 for chicken enchiladas! I enjoyed my meal, but will probably not return due to the exagerated prices. I'm going to check out MexiGo in Croton next.

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                    If you're looking for cheap, flavorful, casual mexican, you can't go wrong with Adamclyde's recoomendation: hit Port Chester (try Los Gemellos) and New Rochelle (try Little Mexican Cafe). This is Mexican for Mexicans, and probably closer to what you're used to on the left coast. In either town, there are tons of taquerias and casual spots, each with little specialties, most pretty good, almost all will have horchata.
                    Hint: avoid any spot with the words tequila, don or margarita incorporated in the name--it's doomed to be a bad frozen-margarita-bland-gloppy-burrito joint. Also a sign of badness: spaghetti western style stage props like cacti, sombreros and donkeys, aimed directly at the gringos. A PROMISING SIGN is a name with an Mexican geographical point--michoacan, jalisco, etc.
                    BTW--you can get great horchata (as well as other aguas frescas) at the local paleta shops (in NR, la flor de michoacan and in PC, paleteria fernandez)--look for horchata, jamaica and pineapple flavors. PLUS, you can get horchata concentrate to make at home at Viva Grande in New Rochelle--although fresh is best, obviously.

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                      Check out this recent thread for some mixed feelings on Mexigo; I personally was not too happy with it.


                    2. Has anyone ever tried Mary's in Elmsford? I've driven by it a ton of times, but have never gone in. It's on a corner next to a Mexican Deli, so it always seemed promising to me...

                      1. I tried Azteca in Mt. Kisco. It was ok. They did have horchata :) and I was soooo happy to taste it again. The food was not so great though. I had chicken enchiladas and they were made of just plain grilled chicken breast, chopped, and rolled up in tortilla then topped w/ green salsa and cheese. I drove by the place across from Four Seasons in Ossining and saw "horchata" in the window. I regularly shop at the Four Seasons, so I'll go across the street and try the restaurant soon.

                        1. If you ever find yourself over the Tappan Zee bridge there is an excellent Mexican place in the Spring Valley area called Bandidos. Great Tex Mex, a decent regional Mexican menu and good Margaritas. A little pricey for this genre but excellent quality in a family friendly atmosphere

                          1. lostinossining, if you don't mind Yuppie Mexican Restaurant prices, please find your way to Sunset Grille. Their food is consistently good, the ambience is great, the service is wonderful, and Don Emilio is without par. Scott was brilliant in hiring him. I look forward to going back, and Don Emilio has promised the horchata will be available next time I am there.

                            I am going to Little Mexican Cafe tomorrow night. I remember when it was Soo Chow and New Rochelle was grand, but hey, progress is progress right? Change is good or so they tell me.

                            I look forward to the tacos al pastor, their margarita and a horchata if they've made it.

                            I am also getting six pops from La Paleteria Michoacano on Union Ave. tonight, as Mr. dolores is going out of town. One for each night.

                            Bienvenidos a Nuevo Rochelle!

                            1. I thought Hacienda Azteca in White Plains was decent. It's somewhat overpriced, but I had a chipotle shrimp special which wasn't on the menu that was quite delicious.

                              1. Hey! Chowhound Mexican food lovers/writers get a shoutout:


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                                  Is that legal? I'd think that there might be copyright problems linking Chowhound to a Gannet publication.

                                2. I tried Cafe De Las Americas across on Rt 133 in Ossining. The people in there did not speak much English, but they spoke enough to desribe the food. I had tamale, an empanada, and horchata. First of all, the horchata, though absolutely delicious, was not what I was accustomed to. It was a hot tea made from flowers. No milk. Though it was nothing like the Mexican milk and rice horchata, it was really good. The tamale and empanada were not so good. The tamale was corn meal surrounding chicken wrapped in a banana leaf. Nothing unusual there, but the chicken actually had bones it so I had to pick them out to eat the meat. All in all, it was ok. Nothing special. The empanada was the sweet kind with cheese and really was not very good at all. I don't know what kind of cheese it was, but it looked like orange Kraft or Velveeta. The pocket was actually kind of dried out. Nothing special either. There was a hot counter where you could point to what you want and the waitress put it on a plate. It looked good, but not good enough for me to go back to try it.

                                  1. I've got you covered, this weekend plan to make a trip out to Brookfield,CT and go to Panchos&Gringos!!!very authentic...some of the best mole I've had in the states.

                                    1. Oh my! Thank you for being brave and trying Cafe de las Americas. Sorry to hear that not so great food comes in all flavors! I might try the hot counter one of these days, since I shop across the street pretty regularly. That's not the first time that I've encountered bones in Mexican chicken things - it does add to the taste of stewed chicken, but is hard to get used to.

                                      Gracias un millon!


                                      1. I forgot to mention that my meal at Cafe de las Americas came to $4, so that was one good thing. Also the horchata (hot flower tea) really was delicious and I would get that again.