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Blue ginger`

Spending a week in the Boston area. I have a reservation at Blue Ginger. Just wanted some input on whether it is still top notch, worth the price, etc. Thanks for your comments.

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  1. Nope.

    I'd say it's only worth going to if you are actually staying in Wellesley. I find it to be the most disappointing of the celebrity chef restaurants in the area.

    1. I disagree- it is a wonderful restaurant. FOr some reason there is a group of people who always give it the thumbs down. Try the shitake spring rolls for appetizer 0with chili dipping sauce- so delicious. And the marinated butterfish signature dish or the poached lobster. Ming Tsai is often there and will come around and chat.

      1. Gotta agree with DoubleMan. I've been twice in the last year and was disappointed both times. Speciality of butterfish was so-so, service was spotty and I really don't like sitting at the two-tops against the wall -- which is where we usually end up. It really is not worth the $$. If you're going out to that neck of the woods anyhow, try Tomasso Trattoria on Route 9 in Southborough.

        1. In my opinion, Blue Ginger is well worth the price. The Spring Rolls with 3 Chili Dipping Sauce, Alaskan Butterfish, and Garlic - Black Pepper Lobster are very popular and happen to be my favorites. The Three Vinegar Sauteed Shrimp is also very good. I never sat at one of the two-tops against the wall, so I can't relate to Trixie Too's unhappiness with the seating. Certaily we need to be comfortable where we're sitting in order to enjoy the food.

          1. I think Blue Ginger is fabulous. The food and service have always been excellent when I have eaten there. Ming and his wife have been there at the time -- perhaps that accounts for it?

            1. Like Trixie I've sat at a two-top against the wall and was disappointed by the butterfish, which was overcooked and rather bland, and I mean bland, not delicately flavored like many folks say. Beyond the seating issue was the dining room overall, which is probably the least impressive for a restaurant of that price level in the area. And the service doesn't match up to other high-end spots.

              It's not a bad restaurant at all, just a bad value in my mind. Plus, if you go to dinner there, you are in Wellesley, which has pretty much nothing to offer after 7pm.

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                There are definitely restaurants in Wellesley other than Blue Ginger that are worth going to. My favorite is Vela on Washington street, an upscale italian resturant with excellent food, service and decor.

              2. I dined there with 3 other friends, and we all enjoyed our food when we were there (even without getting to speak to Ming Tsai). While none of us declared it the best food we ever had, we all enjoyed our appetizer and entrees and thought the flavors were good, the food well-prepared, and the portions were right. The wine drinkers also really enjoyed the wine selection offered. Yes, Wellesley is bland, but it's not that far of a drive from Boston.

                1. I highly recommend Blue Ginger. Had a great meal there at the end of September. I thought the service was terrific, very attentive and friendly without being over the top. The food was outstanding, just what I expect at a top-notch restaurant, with wonderful flavors that really work together. The dining room is a bit crowded, so if someone was expecting the hush of large, formal hotel dining room, I could understand their disappointment. We sat at a two-top against the wall, but I was not uncomfortable. I had the spring rolls (awesome) and curry noodles (great). My husband had a collosal shrimp stuffed with something delicious and the swordfish (HIGHLY recommend). Make sure you get a ginger brownie with your dessert--best I've ever had. It's certainly not inexpensive, but I felt it was worth it.

                  1. I don't think Blue Ginger is worth the money - I so want to love it, but I'm always left wanting when we eat there . . . I have heard, however, that it is notably better when Ming's in the house. It's not a bad restaurant, the food is just neither particularly exciting nor well-executed. And it's expensive to boot. There are much better places to eat around Boston - if you tell us where you're staying and where you're willing to travel, we can make pointed suggestions . . . .

                    1. Judging from the mixed postings here, I think it's safe to say, you will not know unless you go yourself. I have been twice, and while both times I had a decent meal, it wasn't anything that brought tears to my eyes. That said, I'm not sorry I went, at least I've had the experience. No sign of Ming when I have been there.

                      1. I have to agree with the thumbs down group. I used to go there often in its first couple of years and really enjoyed it. I didn't go for a while and went back about 18 months ago, since then have had two so-so meals and one real disappointment. Soggy butterfish is not my idea of a good time. It's expensive and out of the way. I would go somewhere else. Last time I was there our server couldn't be bothered to walk around the table, she leaned over the half wall our table was up against to talk to us! I think Lumiere in West Newton - if you want to be out in the suburbs - has much better food.

                        1. I don't think it's godawful, but it is hardly deserving of its national reputation. If that nice man didn't have a TV show, it would be largely, deservedly ignored, one of many decent upscale exurban restaurants that few folks who live in the city would bother to visit. There are dozens of worthier, lesser-known places in Greater Boston for locals and visitors alike.

                          1. I've been to Blue Ginger three times over the years. The first must have been in about 2001, when it was THE place to go, and it was GREAT. At the time I remember thinking it was easily one of the best meals I'd ever had. Went again about a year or so later and it was good, but not as good as I had remembered. Third time was a couple years ago, and it was still fine, but a little less fine than the time before.

                            Based on my experiences, I'd say that it's a perfectly fine choice for those who want a nice meal in that specific area, but it's no longer the destination that it once was. Because it's been a view years since I've been, I can't vouch for the current prices, but I do remember it being a bit overpriced.

                            1. I have had dinner twice and considered the lobster exceptional, the other food very good, and the service pleasant if not overwhelming. However, it was lunch I enjoyed the most and considered a great value. If you have reason to be in the area at lunchtime, try the Korean pulled pork which I thought was grand. My husband loved the restaurant's version of paella as well. Lunch portions were huge and cost us about 42.00 dollars, including very excellent iced tea. A nice way to affordably try the goods.

                              1. Went today for lunch during Restaurant week and I thought the food was as good as ever. Service on the other hand was another story. 55 minutes of sitting down to getting my appetizer is a little bit too long even for me. Normally the service is impeccable but not today.
                                Shiitake-leek spring rolls with three chili dipping sauce served with a crunchy slaw was as good as ever. There certainly isn't anything Restaurant Week sized about the portions here, they are the same size as on the normal lunch menu. Next was the Spicy salmon burger with cucumber kimchee and preserved lemon aioli. It was served with a bit of very nice crunchy slaw and some chips and I forgot to ask what they were since they certainly wasn't your run of the mill potato chips. The burger was outstandingly good with both cucumber and kimchee underneath the burger and it was cooked perfectly.