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Oct 10, 2006 01:31 PM

Lunch options Needham St Newton?

I'm meeting a friend at the Bookfair tomorrow. Any lunch recs for Needham Street/Highland Ave or (very) nearby? I'd love to go further afield, but my friend is coming a long distance and is not familiar with the area. Even if you have a rec for a particular good item in a not so good place, that would be helpful, too!

Thanks in advance, hounds!

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  1. I like Green Tea for Chinese, not on needham st but very close.

    Also you cant go wrong at O'haras which is right around the corner. Great pub food. Expect slow service though, gets really busy at lunch.

    1. The closest super-tasty place is the Rotisserie Farm Grill, which is practically next door to the NE Mobile Book Fair. I'm always boring there and order the quarter dark chicken, which comes with any two sides (and a weak Greek salad plus pita) and is something crazy like $5.25. The roasted veggies always hit the spot and some of the cold sides can be very good. I know other posters tend to be more adventurous in their ordering there - with generally satisfying results.

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        I second the Farm Grill. Yum, cheap.

      2. I find Fresh City on Needham St. to be quite dependable. Nothing fancy, but a lot of different options, many of which are fairly healthy.

        It's in the plaza with Marshall's, heading towards Needham from the Book Fair.

        1. New England Soup Factory is very reliable and everything always tastes fresh. Same side of the street as the Book Fair, across from the Marshall's Plaza, behind Pizzapalooza.

          1. If you're willing to travel a few blocks away from Needham Street, O'Haras is a fantastic pub on Walnut Street and Baker's Best, which is also great, is around the corner on Lincoln Street.