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Oct 10, 2006 01:14 PM

Butcher Block ar Restaurant Kolumbia (DC)

Eating at the bar at Restaurant Kolumbia gives one the opportunity to try the regular menu, a fairly extensive bar menu, and in addition a charcuterie option called a Butcher Block. A choice of nine items. You select three or five or maybe even all nine.

I chose five items. Although they were all professionally executed, and visually pleasing, I wish I could say I found something exciting to fall in love with. The items themselves were nice but bland, countered by some add-ons that were very astringent, such as an ultra-sharp potato salad and some liquor-soaked fruit (highly alcoholic) that was fortunately easy to remove from the charcuterie. For the record, I had terrines of tete de veau as well as rabbit/foie gras, smoked trout and salmon, kielbasa, and boudin rouge. Both terrines contained large cuts of high-quality but bland meat. The kielbasa was outdone by a savory version I recently had at the Slovak Festival in Annandale. The boudin rouge was a refined, aromatic pudding. Nice stuff. A large stack of well-chosen pumpernickel accompanied the spread.

When it's available, I prefer the charcuterie platter at Mendocino Grille.

The rest of the menu looks intriguing, though, so I may go back to sample other offerings.

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