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What to do with a Bag of Jalapenos and Green Tomatoes?

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A generous gardener gave us a bag of jalapeno peppers, probably about 50 of them. Any ideas about what to do with the little gems?
They're just beautiful and I would hate to waste any.
There are loads of green tomatoes, too. So far I have fried some but have never used them any other way.
Any ideas there?

Hoping you have some inspiration/recipes to share.

Thank you!

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  1. If you have a smoker you could make chipotles. Just lay the jalapenos out on the grill and let them smoke for a few hours until they are soft, dark and wrinkled. Try to use as many red chiles as you can. You can keep them frozen as-is for future use, or you can simmer some of them with tomato puree, vinegar, and a little salt and some brown sugar (or piloncillo)to make the sauce. This keeps in a covered jar in the refrigerator for a long time.

    Sarah C

    1. I've been making zhoug from a Claudia Roden recipe in The Book of Jewish Food. It's cilantro, peppers (I use jalapenos), garlic, caraway and cardamon, salt and pepper, ground into a paste w/ water or oil, used as a condiment in (?) Yemen. There are other zhoug recipes on-line, using different spices--cumin is popular.

      1. Hot pepper jelly (made with your jalapenos) is easy and makes a nice holiday gift. Simple instructions are printed on the insert inside a box of Certo liquid pectin. If you don't want to bother with canning it, you can put it into storage containers & keep in the fridge or freezer.

        And somewhere in my library, I have a good green tomato pickle recipe.

        1. Pickling/canning the jalapenos would be good.

          1. Are they really tomatoes or are they tomatillos? If they're tomatillos, I say make salsa!

            If not, get some carrots and some onions and make jalapenos en escabeche.

            1. jalapeno poppers, not so friendly on the waist but sooo good!

              1. Wow, great ideas. I probably won't go through the canning process as I don't have the equipment but loved the suggestions of pickling. Can I do it and just use them up quickly?

                Smoking sounds great. Must a smoker be used or can it be done on a regular grill? Or some other way?

                Have never had zhoug, sounds good. I think I have what that calls for. How do you use yours?

                Pepper jelly! Takes me back. Will try that, too. Love the idea of giving it as gifts.

                I think I have enough to do a little bit of several things. If my week stays as open as I hope it will I'll have some kitchen time.

                Tonight I used jalapenos in chimichurri sauce and served it with beef. So quick and it was really good.

                Haven't had poppers in ages. tasty stuff. Speaking of waistlines however, I may have to avoid the poppers after all. Sad!
                I try to make myself believe the saying "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." but I know it simply ain't so.

                Thanks again for all the ideas. I'll report back if I get anything done.


                1. You can also use the green tomatoes for green tomato chutney. Cooking them down with cider vinegar, onions, brown sugar, peppercorns, raisins and apples results in a delicious condiment. It can be canned or kept refrigerated for quite awhile. Here's a link to one recipe I found:


                  1. Well, I smoked the jalapenos on the Weber grill. Wanted to try several of your suggestions but time ran out.
                    Not sure if I did it exactly right, actually, but I think they'll add good flavor to things even if they're not perfect. I used hickory chips, which is what I had in the garage. Anxious to use some peppers this month in the Bayless Cookathon.
                    As for the tomatoes, I just fried them. They were delicious, though.

                    Thanks for your ideas!
                    I had such a great time trying something new. Now I want to try using the grill to smoke other things.