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Oct 10, 2006 12:39 PM

Wilson Farms- More Good Stuff!

Good finds at Wilson Farms this weekend. As always, the scones and grenn beans are great. We tried the apple cider donuts, too- small, and delicious right from the fryer!
I bought a small butternut squash- it was really hard to peel, and hard to cut up before steaming. I thought it did no bode well for the taste. I was so wrong. I can truthfully say it was the best butternut squash I have ever had. No moisture at all in the meat- sweet and perfect. I simply steamed it, added some butter and S/P. So good, I went back and got about a dozen more pieces. This will stand up to recipes well. Am eager to try squash risotto, and tonight I think we will have roasted squash.
Have also been trying some of their meats. Lots of the meat offerings are in individual serving sizes- so this time I went for the angus beef patties. Two eight ounce patties for $5.00. They were fabulous-I seard on both sides in cast iron skillet, topped with sauteed mushrooms and swiss cheese, and into a hot oven until cooked perfectly rare. Served on homemade bulkie rolls. Eight ounces is a large serving, so I ended up splitting one burger.
NExt time I think I will try their pizza dough. Love this place. No matter how crowded it is, I am in and out of there is no time. And this past weekend it was really busy, as they had hayrides thru the vegetable fields.

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  1. Agreed all around-- the key when it's busy is to park in the little lot across the street, up a short steep ramp...

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      Actually, I have always had good luck parking near the front! I usually bring my mom, and drive around so she can get out near the door, and I always seem to snag a spot! And we always go on a Saturday morning. Have not even had problems the week before Thanksgiving- must be my good living!!

    2. Hey Macca, if you like cinnamon, try to find their little cinnamon rolls, they are made with a dough inbetween phyllo and puff pastry (if you figure it out let me know, I'm trying to replicate!) and rolled up like fingers with cinnamon sugar. They are really delicious and since I don't live close I usually buy 3 packages at a time as my pups love them!!! (They are usually up on a top shelf near the back of the bakery!) Their dried apricots at the front near check out are delicious also, very, very moist like candy!
      One caveat...I bought their Hammentachen last week and was shocked at the colossal gall they had to charge $1 a piece for them, they were awful!!!

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        Love cinnamon rolls. Will check it out next time I am there. My mother got some raspberry tolls that sound like what you describe. Did not have any, but she said they were great.
        I live in Melrose, and make the trek there every other week. For me, it is worth the trip. I can leave my house, do my shopping, and be back home in less than 1 hour. In between trips, I drop into Colarusso on 28 in Reading.

      2. I love Wilson Farms and do the majority of my shopping there. Check out their chicken and their eggs, both of which are from their own birds. I think they are much better (more flavorful) than any others I've found. And if you like ham, they have Korobuta (sp?) ham steaks which are fantastic. They also have amazing English muffins in the right-hand refrigerator case facing the bakery.

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        1. re: GretchenS

          Thanks- did try their chicken thighs on my last visit. So good- much plumper than the supermarket offerings. Their chicken breasts looked great. Will test them out next time.
          Did not notice the english muffins, but that is where i noticed the pizza dough. Will check it out.

        2. This place is definitely our destination for chicken, theirs is a fine product. For other things, we find their quality to be variable and their prices higher than necessary. We prefer Russo's for produce, better variety and price.