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Oct 10, 2006 12:06 PM

Houston: best hole-in-the-wall vietnamese?

Hi all,

I'm in Houston (and away from NYC) for a few months on business, and I want to take advantage of all the Vietnamese options here that I don't have back at home. I've done some searching through old posts, but haven't seen a thorough examination of the myriad hole-in-the-wall vietnamese places. What's good? What's best? What should I try whereever I go (other than the standard and delicious bahn mi and pho)?

A few names I've already seen are:
- Thiem Hung Sandwich
- Miss Saigon
- Givrals
- Sandong Snacks

Thanks for your help,

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  1. Sandong Snacks is definitely Chinese. Not gonna find pho or banh mi there, just to warn you. But excellent dumplings in beef broth!

    1. Pho Nga, 2929 Milam is an authentic choice. All the standards I have tried there are very good, and it reminds me of the way Van Loc or Mia's looked 20 years ago, except it's still 90% vietnamese frequented.

      1. I thought the banh mi at Cali Sandwich, 3030 Travis, were the best in Houston when I lived there.

        1. I dont think that Miss Saigon would qualify as "hole in the wall" as it aims to be a little upscale with decor and pricing.

          There is Pho Bong Sen on the NW side which is in a strip center and really becoming quite good. Try the satay beef flat noodle.

          I have to second Cali Sandwich for the bahn mi. Excellent.