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Oct 10, 2006 10:53 AM


I dream of fresh grilled sardines on the beach in Portugal. Who has the
the best version, without the beach ok, in New York?

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  1. I share you dream, serious! Here's an earlier thread about Portuguese food in general, but I second your request for specific recs for grilled sardines.

    1. Casa Monon has wonderful sardines, though I can't remember off hand if they are grilled or pan fried - maybe check the menu on their website.

      1. I spent a month in Portugal this summer- for me, the closest you can get is at the Greek restaurants in Astoria- Kyklades, Ploes etc. I have not found good simple grilled fish- especially sardines- in Manhattan.

        1. Have you tried Avra at 48th & Lex (I thought they had a related restaurant on the UES, but I can't seem to locate it). It has fresh, grilled seafood and I'm sure they have sardines on the menu, if not as a special.