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The "BEST" restaurant for one night in Fort Lauderdale area

Want to take a couple out for one night in the Fort Lauderdale area and want no expense spared - need to treat them to the best we can get. Not really worried about the type of food as long as its top class. Having looked at past threads, my current list is as follows:

1. Marks on Las Olas
2. Johnny V's
3. Casa D'Angelo
4. Trina
5. Cafe Mortorano


Graziano's or Jacksons for Steak

Staying there for a week so all tips appreciated but really want the best for one night??

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  1. Mark's is one of my favorites - my only caution is to NOT get the "special" mojito (it was made with creme de menthe or some other noxious mint-flavored liquor and was like a Trident martini).

    Have not been to the Johnny V's in FTL but have been in mourning for years since he moved out of Miami Beach - aside from his place at the Astor, he used to have a great little diner-style place on Alton Rd.

    I have friends who swear by Mortorano but haven't been myself.

    Probably can't go wrong with any of your choices.

    1. I would recommend Casa D'Angelo for an excellent Italian. It has extensive wine list. I have never been to Cafe Mortorano, but it always looks like a seen & be seem place than a nice meal.


        1. There is no place on earth like Martorano.

          1. Johnny V gets my vote. Also recommend French Quarter and Eduardo San Angel. I'd enjoy a tv dinner more than Mark's.

            1. I would recommond "Casa D'Angelo" and if you have sometime for some Ice Cream in hollywood, there is a place called Jaxson's. Highly Recommonded.

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                Thanks for that, looks like Casa D'Angelo wins the vote! Like the ice cream idea! Is Jaxsons an ice cream parlour or a full on restaurant??

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                  At Jaxson's, there's a walk-up window where you can get things like cones, cups and shakes. Inside, at tables, they only serve sundaes and other big, crazy ice cream concoctions and overpriced, underwhelming burgers, sandwiches and the like: no cones or cups. It is nifty inside, and kids will love the shelves packed with penny (well, not penny) candy, but it can be expensive and excessive if you're not in training for a competitive-eating contest.

                  N.B.: I suggest requesting a taste of whatever flavor(s) you plan to get, especially for some of the less-popular ones. Their ice cream is usually fantastic, but I recently had a badly freezer-burned cone of something.

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                    Thanks hatless - i am known as an ice cream fanatic so think i will be sitting inside for a sundae!

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                      We love Jaxson's. If you don't mind sharing out of a gigantic bowl, order "The Kitchen Sink". It's pretty insane. Also, they make all of their own 'side cars' like chocolate and carmel sauces. It is GREAT ice cream and a fun location. If you have any kids with you, they'll spend an hour just looking at all of the candy and stuff in the shop.

              2. If you do go to Jaxon's- the sundaes are HUGE and enuf to share.

                1. Views for anyone interested!

                  Thought the Johnny V's was by far the best restaurant we visited. I had an excellent meal, the menu was good and was very well put together with great combinations.

                  On the other hand, Marks was one of the worst meals I have had in a while. I had Dover sole, it was overcooked and a first for me, the fish was actually tough. Didnt enjoy any part of the meal - the restaurant was busy and maybe I was unlucky. Out of 4 in our party, two of us got bad meals and two had reasonably good meals, but a long way behind Johnny V's.

                  Preferred the steak I had in the Capital Grille to Jacksons (better onion rings in Jacksons, french fries only ok in both). Really enjoyed a more informal meal in the Japanese village. Different with some great food flavours.

                  Also, cant think of the name, but there was an excellent Italian deli/sandwich bar on Las Olas that served the best sandwiches and what looked like excellent cakes (on good behaviour so didnt have one!).........again, sorry, cant think of the name (there isnt actually a name over the door but you can see the breads and cakes being freshly prepared in the back).

                  Thanks again everyone for your help, sorry I didnt get to all the places on my list but I will be back!

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                    The Italian place is Grand Forno. Chicken Pesto sandwich is excellent. Everything is good there. Go early, grab a takeout and have a fabulous picnic on the beach!!!

                  2. Always nice to get feedback, and glad you enjoyed Johnny V's (really looking forward to him reopening on South Beach). Sorry that Mark's was a disappointment - it has been a while since I've been.
                    Japanese Village was a good call, I used to like that when I was up in Broward.

                    1. Soooo glad you didn't go to Casa D'Angelo. Went there and spent a FORTUNE (of my parents' money, but still....) and it was so disappointing. Go to Cafe Vico instead in the same neighborhood. I can't wait to try Johnny V's and Eduardo de San Angel.

                      Capital Grille is wonderful and way underrated, IMHO.