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Oct 10, 2006 07:06 AM

Jack in the Box pumpkin pie shake - not this year

Jack in the Box made (past tense) a good pumpkin shake, nicely spiced and good pumpkin flavor.

But not this year.

It looked good, in an attractive clear plastic cup, the better to admire the color, shot of aerosol whipped cream and marshiano cherry on top.

They RUINED it !!! There is too much sugar ... sugar headache sweet.

The real shame is that under all that sugar the original taste is there, it just can't overcome the awful sweetness. Not recommended this year.

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  1. I know it shouldn't happen but I think the quality/taste varies from store to store.

    I had one of their oreo cookie shakes and it was wretched, but a week later at a different location it was all good again. Odd.

    I also think the temperature it is served at makes a difference on the sweetness factor. The cooler it is the less pronounced the sugary effect.

    But honestly, there are so many places serving pumpkin shakes (Starbucks, Coffee Bean, etc.) that losing out on ol' Jacko doesn't seem all that big of a deal ... although it is definitely cheaper at Jack in the Box.

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      I personally really like their shakes. Sometimes when my gf and I have the munchies we head to JITB, could be 2AM when we're jonesin' for that Oreo Shake. I think the difference lies in the ingredients. They're not properly measured. Sometimes they put two scoops of oreo cookie stuff in, sometimes it's 4 (that's when it's extra good..hehe).

    2. Something that could have happened is the counter person added too much flavoring syrup, and in so doing oversweetened it.