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Oct 10, 2006 06:15 AM

Little Bites - Downtown PA

I am thinking of taking my wife out on a date this Friday in downtown PA and instead of just going to one restaurant for a sit down meal, I am thinking of going Spanish tapas bar style and stopping in for a small bite at a few different places. I think that we might enjoy hopping from place to place - and I'm hoping that I can identify a reliable dish or two from each restaurant and string together a "best of" type dinner experience.

So I'm looking for restaurant (and dish) suggestions that fit the following:
- In downtown PA (we're taking the train to University Ave and will be walking)
- Has a bar where we can order food or otherwise comfortable and low-key dining area where it won't matter that we are just going to eat an appetizer, salad, or snack
- Will not require a long wait to eat as I just want to meander from place to place without having to wait too long for food
- I am thinking that we will prefer getting an appetizer / small plate or two from each place as opposed to an entree

Here are some of the options that I already have in mind:
- bar at Zibibbo for an appetizer
- Bistro Maxine for a savory or sweet crepe
- Satura Cakes or Coupa Cafe for coffee & dessert

I am curious about:
- Three Seasons or Tamarine: Do either of these places have a bar?


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  1. The bar/lounge area at Zibibbo is fine for what you want. The oven roasted mussels and pizzas are especially good. An alternative for small plates is Lavanda which also has a comfortable bar/lounge and specializes in Mediterranean small plates.

    1. If you don't go to Coupa Cafe, at least stop by and get some caramel passionfruit Chaou chocolate to take home. They are one of my favorite chocolates anywhere. Amazing flavor. They are the heart-shaped chocolates.

      1. Tamarine has one of the best bars on University IMO.

        1. I think I've seen people eating at the bar at Three Seasons. I assume they were walk-ins who didn't want to wait for a table. Not sure whether Tamarine has similar arrangements.

          1. Both Tamarine and Three Seasons have bars that are fun to hang out at. Both bars can get a bit crowded on Friday nights but it's worth a stroll. If you get to Tamarine early, they have a happy hour that I believe ends 6, though it could be 5. Appetizers are all half off during happy hour, so that would be a good deal for you. Evvia also has a smallish bar that one can walk in to eat at. I second the oven skillet mussels at Zibibbo, also like the mushroom pizza.