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Oct 10, 2006 05:40 AM

Gluten free restaurant options

My wife and I are desperate to eat out again after her diagnosis of Celiac disease. Can anyone make any suggestions where to go in the Toronto area and for what sort of dishes?

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  1. Relish, on Danforth east of Woodbine, has an extensive (printed) celiac menu. It's a small-plates style place and is very good. Definitely go there!

    The Magic Oven (pizzas and such - two locations) also has celiac items. It's not the most physically comfortable place and I'd describe the pizzas more as "things in the form of a pizza" because the very odd pies (say Thai flavours) are much better than the classics. Inconsistent, but can be delicious.

    I believe (but am not certain) that Il Fornello can accommodate you.

    And most any place with a reasonable menu can deal with this so long as you order carefully and, for possibly questionable items, just avoid ordering them.

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      Big Momma's Boy has a number of gluten-free dishes. Although they have a latge sign saying so, there's not much info otherwise on their website. Mostly organic, too:


      and the Now:


    2. Fressen on Queen West does a marvellous job with most dishes and can accommodate any special diet. They have gluten-free dishes already on their menu. Be forewarned that it is "sharing-style" and dishes arrive randomly when they are ready, so if you are ordering separately and not sharing dishes, then one of you could be finished your meal before the other person receives their food!

      And of course, Live Raw Organic restaurant on Dupont is fantastic and delicious, and has both cooked and raw meal options.

      You won't miss the meat at both of the above!

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          1. i'm not celiac but i don't like eating grains (including rice) as a personal preference. it's not that hard if you're careful with what you eat. just know where everything comes from. if you stick to vegetables, meat, eggs at restaurants that keep it natural then you're likely to be ok. just double check with people to make sure, stressing the importance of your gluten-free diet.