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A Salt & Battery, to go, going, gone.

Walked by A Salt & Battery today on Second Ave. and it was gone. Sign is still up but interior is being turned into an Italian restaurant with a wood burning brick oven. So you'll have to find another source for that deep fried Snickers bar.

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  1. Isn't there still a WV location?


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    1. I liked A&B. Always thought Chip Shop in Brooklyn was much better. Wish they'd ipen a branch of that in Manhattan.


      1. I think the one on Greenwich is still open. I didn't really care for their fish when I tried it

        1. A&B has been gone from 2nd ave for months now. Great fish but quite pricey. The Greenwich location is still open.

          1. Greasy fried frozen fish sold at outrageous prices by surly help... what's to miss?

            1. just what we need: another brick oven pizza place.

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                Yeah...well at least it not as bad as the Papa John's Pizza that's opening on the UES where the old Knick's Diner was on 2nd and 90th!

                How anyone in this city can in good conscience pick up the phone and order from Domino's or Papa John's when there are SO many great pizza places here...I'll never understand.


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                  Domino's thin crust onion pizza is actually very good. (Even better is the new and improved De Marco's on Houston. They FINALLY got it together!)

              2. cacio e vino, the new place, is very good. it's sicilian. with pizza. but lots of other stuff too.

                1. With fish 'n' chips as good as they serve at Schillers, it's not a loss.

                  - Sean

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                    do you really like the Fish and Chips at Shillers? I tried it a couple of times and it's ok, anything but consistent. The first time the batter was crisp and the fish was flakey, the chips were ok (I like the fries over there), the second time the batter was soggy and the fish was tough, like they changed the fish or something. I like the Fish and Chips at Bondi down the street much better but it's a different type of fare over there.


                  2. Too bad about your soggy batter at Schillers. It's been great the several times I've had it.

                    - Sean