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Oct 10, 2006 04:18 AM

Pacific Cafe, Marin County

I just realized I forgot to post my most recent experience at Pacific Cafe in Kentfield!

This little seafood restaurant on College Ave. in Kentfield is probably one of my favorite places for home-cooked seafood dinner. When I went with my mom, we were greeted at the door by Bill, the owner. He's owned it for probably a good 20 years, and still maintains his charm and affability. He just makes the restaurant feel so inviting!

We started with my now-favorite popcorn shrimp. Usually this dish is a deep-fried mess, but not at Pacific Cafe. The shrimp arrived only barely adorned with a translucent veil of crust, revealing the pinkish meat within, and a cup of tartar sauce and lemon wedges. I'm not quite sure how, but each of these little guys had a nice burst of shrimpy flavor, and were just right to start off a meal. For the second course, I had the New Orleans style prawns, and my mom had the seared scallops. The prawns were perfectly cooked, full of flavor but still crisp and plump (an oft-missed combination), and the scallops were fresh-tasting, but the sauces were what blew me away. I could have made a meal out of french bread and the sauce they served the shrimp in. It was simply phenominal. What a fantastic meal... I miss it... sigh...

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  1. Do you know if this is the same Pacific Cafe that is in San Francisco on Geary at 34th?

    1. My wife and I lived in Marin from 1975 to 1980 - the Pacific Cafe was by far our favorite seafood restaurant. I rememeber always being greeted with a free glass of wine as we waited for a table to open. The above-mentioned popcorn shrimp were excellent. We loved the baked sole in parchment !! Good food memories

      1. We enjoyed our meal at Pacific Cafe last night, both for the food and ambiance. We order fried calamari almost every place we go. Pacific Cafe's was lightly breaded, seasoned and crunchy and the meat succulent. Being that it is Dungeness crab season, my husband ordered a cracked crab, served with clarified butter. I had a Shrimp Louie salad, the dressing of which was outstanding. We finished with a shared slice of French Vanilla Cheesecake. Nothing was groundbreaking, but it was all very reliably good.

        We also enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere established by the owner, Bill. Although it was Wednesday, a gentleman softly played guitar in the waiting area. Bill showed us to our table and, after our meal when he discovered it was our first visit, he chatted us up like we were guests in his home.

        We'll definitely return to Pacific Cafe, when in the mood for comfort Seafood in a casual, warm, inviting atmosphere.

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          Pacific Cafe
          850 College Ave Ste B, Kentfield, CA

        2. Whoa! I've driven by this place a million times (for over a dozen years, embarassingly) and always thought it was closed (like the coffee shop nearby). Thanks for the correction- I'm always looking for a good fish place!!