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New Peach Garden (Vietnamese) Restaurant between Gerrard & Jones/Pape

i recently saw that there is a new Peach garden opened in the area. it is located in the small strip of stores that used to include a Baker's Dozen and a doller store (both closed, and Peach Garden is where the doller store used to be).
i love pho and would like to try it but i have never been to this chain of restaurants.

i'm wondering if anyone has tried the new locations and if so can you give some reviews of it!

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  1. I wasn't aware that they've opened in my neighbourhood, but my family and I loved going to the one on Carlton (@ Yonge). I'll tell my hubby about this new location and when we go check it out, I'll let you know! :-)

    1. So it's on Gerrard, between Jones and Pape?

      1. hi julesrules,
        yes it is on Gerrard/Marjory. it's between pape/jones.
        i passed by it today while heading to HomeDepot and it looks very modern inside. mostly with younger ppl/teens eating in large groups. have yet to try but they have 10% off for the next 2 weeks!

        1. The Peach Garden resto in Mississauga is really good.

          1. I go to the one @ Finch/Weston regularly for lunch. Pho the way it should be...good proportions of noodle and beef in soup not full of msg. Also tried their nicely balanced sate soup. Stuff on other tables always look good.

            1. Good pho, and they win for the biggest and most colourful menus..place was busy today--10% off just until Friday!

              1. After reading about Peach Garden a few days back, my wife and I went there today (Tuesday) around 8:00 pm. We were seated within a minute and tea was brought to the table. Within 5 minutes, we had filled our order on the form provided and left it at the edge of the table for pickup. The waitresses walked passed us for at least 5 minutes without even acknowledging us or picking up the order form. Finally my wife got the attention of one of them and gave them the order. As I was hungry, I was hoping we would get served within 10 minutes. (usually takes less than that in any other Vietnamese place. I point outto my wife that two other tables that had arrived after us have already received their orders... I wait 10 more minutes. Now it's 8:30. I go to the counter since we appear to be invisble to the waitresses, and ask why we havent been served yet. It turns out our order has been lyting on the counter unprocessed for 20 minutes. Ten seconds later we blow out of that popsicle stand and over to Hanoi Three Seasons.

                If you haven't been to Hanoi Three Seasons and like Vietnamese food, you should try it out. The food is quite different from other Vietnamese restaurants. It's at 588 Gerrard St East, just east of Broadview.


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                  wow thanks so much for the recap on your experience.

                  i actually went there yest to get take out of ONLY the broth. i specifically said "i only want the soup of the pho. no noodles" she asked if i wanted meat, "no no nothing except soup". the lady seemed nice enough at the cash but was a litle rushed. anyways, it was like $2 for the broth and i went home. i live in that area so when i went home, i saw that there were noodles in my soup. so i go back and she recognizes me. i order the same thing again, informing her that the last one i ordered had noodles in it. so she tells the waitress something in vietnamese. a few minutes later the waitress hands me the bag and i leave. when i go home, what do i see? soup and noodles.
                  this short, take-out, experience makes me wonder: if they can't THE simplest order ready, how can they be competant enough to make me a full sit down meal?

                2. This place is horrible. Gave it a try and never again. The service is really bad and the PHO and MY THO seafood noodle soup was very bad. The PHO was all noodle and no meat....my sister did not even finish the MY THO noodle as the seafood didn't taste fresh at all. We left 3 uneaten bowls at the table and the manager just walked on by. For a new restaurant you should want to show case good service and show concern when patrons leave their good untouched....i would recommend to everyone to stay away from this place.

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                    apparently the manager/owner of the rest is the wife of the owner of the Peach Garden on Kennedy (by pacific mall). i've heard good things about that location. it's unfort that none of those good qualities carried over to this location.

                  2. We finally had dinner here last night even though I was feeling a bit apprehensive after the recent reviews. When we walked in, there were a couple of families and a few other diners there. Walking by the tables to be seated, it smelled fantastic! I asked if they had highchairs. Well, they have two but both were taken. So my son sat in a regular chair and as soon as one of the tables with a highchair was done, the server grabbed it and brought it to our table. Without us even asking for it first! Perhaps they've heard about the bad personal reviews they've been getting, because all 4 ladies were very nice and pleasant. We were received our food in good time as did the shakes as well.

                    We ordered the special appetizer platter (Vietnamese sausage, grilled pork, grilled chicken, and bean curd wrapped shrimp) and an order of shrimp rolls (as requested by 7 year old). The grilled pork and chicken were tasty but nobody finished off the sausage. The bean curd wrapped shrimp was okay. A little different from the one's at the Carlton location though. For mains, we ordered a chicken noodle soup (for daughter); pho with rare beef, flank, and beef balls (for me); and hubby ordered X02 (sorry, didn't get the name of the dish, he just gave me the number to write down). The 2 noodle soups arrived first. My daughter had one taste of the chicken soup and declared it "disgusting". She wouldn't touch it after that (but she did eat quite a bit from the appetizer platter and my son ate almost all of the shrimp rolls!). My pho was good. It had plenty of meat, a good amount of noodles, and the broth was flavourful. The dish that hubby ordered (from the Family menu) was a nest of fried noodles with a spicy seafood and vegetable topping. Despite prefering soft noodles (in the lo mein style), hubby ate quite a good bit of the dish. I liked the nice bite in the sauce.

                    At the end of our meal, we were quite amused by the retro-dance version of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly that was being piped in through the sound system. Not quite the type of music you'd expect in a Vietnamese restaurant. Overall, it was an enjoyable meal. It was a great or fantastic meal, but it was my form of comfort food. I'd go again if hubby suggests it.

                    1. I always go to the Peach Garden resto in Mississauga for my pho fix.I get the basic pho, grilled meat (mixed) and the vietnamese coffee. It is very good.

                      1. OK, my family and myself went there on Weds. (12-12-07). I had seen the place before, and almost grabbed take out there a month ago but decided upon looking at the menu I would rather try a dine in first some other time.

                        It was my mom's birthday, so there was 8 of us (my wife, mom, mom's BF, 4 kids and myself) and so I wanted to treat her to something that she has not tried before. Originally we were going to go to Pizza PIde, but they were closed for some reason. I wanted to take her to either Xe Lau (the train) or Ka Ka Lucky, but she didn't feel like walking to Broadview from Carlaw, so she suggested this new place.

                        Now, with most Vietnamese places you expect the service to be crappy, but in a way you kind of enjoy that, in other words you don't feel rushed, take your time, etc. but this place was ridiculous.

                        So we seat ourselves, luckily there was a big enough table available. Now, for some reason there was two different menus, and I found this to be somewhat confusing, especially since the waitress informed us that not everything on one of the menus was available.

                        So first, we decided to order our drinks. Usually when I go for Vietnamese I like to get a milk tea on ice, a simple thing yet she said they don't make them. So I got we got 4 Taro with tapiocas, and two Saigon beers for my mom and her BF. Waitress was pushing us to order right away, and I told her we will order our drinks, then appetizers, then meals, as we need time to look over the menu. So out of her mouth comes "We close at 10 o'clock, ok?".

                        Now, I'm thinking it's only 9 pm. Most restos understand that you lock your doors at closing time but people are still gonna' be in there for an hour or so after that. If they wanted everyone out at 10, they should have locked up right at 9.

                        So when she comes around again, we gave her the order for some appetizers (pork spring rolls, Vietnamese sausages) and she then reminds us again that they will be closing at 10. After that, I vowed to the table that if she says that one more time we are going to pay for what we received and find somewhere else to eat.

                        In all, the food was not bad but not great. We had the seafood pad thai, shrimp pad thai, sizzling beef hot plate, rice, pork chops and egg dishes; and spicy Thai fried rice (a rice with sausage, egg, etc. spiced with curry). Few other dishes I don't recall.

                        I found the prices to be high. Came out to $110.xx, and the the service was terrible I knew how to get there attention and had to use those techniques like waiving them down, calling them, putting the empty tea pot with the lid up at the edge of the table, etc. to do so.

                        In the end I found it odd that they where still sitting people after 10 pm. I purposely ate slow and took my time because I wanted to stay until after 10 just to be an ass. But it pissed me off that the same waitress seemed to have no problem sitting others while we were reamed 1 hour and five minutes before closing.

                        The other waitress was nicer, and one of her kids is in the same school as mine, so I gave her $15 tip as the mean waitress had left. However, I will not be returning.

                        I also heard the couple at the table beside us comment that they would not return, not sure what problem they had but possibly they had the same mean waitress.