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Oct 10, 2006 04:10 AM

Halloween appetizers?

I'm going to a Halloween party and need to bring an appetizer. The host would prefer something that doesn't need to be heated or prepped there. It's an adult gathering, but thought it might be fun to do something creative and fun. And then, of course, I couldn't think of anything creative and fun. But I knew the chounds could!

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  1. I often make a baked brie and bring to the gathering hot. Here's my take: I go to Trader Joe's for the double cream brie. Hope you have a T.J.'s. I defrost a deep dish pie shell, and roll out thinner. Line a pie pan with the rolled out shell and put the wedge of cheese into it. Fill with your favs: marcapone, fig jam and pecans; artichokes, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and pesto or garlic cloves and salty black olives...any combo of things sweet or savory. Cover up the cheese and treats inside w/ the rolled out dough. Then bake till light brown and bubbly. If you're not into cooking, get the brie and fig jam anyway the combo is great. I love a brushetta or a large flat crouton for savory and Carr's oatmeal crackers for sweet. Great accompany w/wines, champagne or ? Good Luck :)KQ

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      Actually, a question about the cheese. Do you just set the lonely wedge of cheese there in the middle of the pie crust, with the 'skin' still on? And surround it with the other ingredients such as fruit?

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        I do the same thing, but I use fillo dough. Often times, i'll save a strip of the dough and make a cutout of some shape, etc, then put it on top of the dough-wrapped brie. This can help the dish become party-specific.

      1. Every Halloween, I make an "un-appetizer". It's a human brain-shaped mango pudding, served on a platter with iceberg lettuce & parsley garnish to make it look more fleshy. The brain-shaped jelly mold I purchased from a specialty toy store in Seattle, but I've seen it in other toy stores in New York. The pudding is Jell-o mango with extra plain gelatin, set with non-fat evaporated milk to make it opaque. One time I made it with grape jello which made the brain grey-colored -- looked positively ghoulish but did not taste as good. It travels well in the mold -- just pop it on to the platter just before serving.

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          I've also used a brain mold to make a salmon mousse.

        2. If you have a good cheese shop near by you could create a halloween themed cheese plate by playing with various shades of orange, white, and black. Black grapes, black figs ect. would go nicely.

          1. Can someone please tell me where to get the brain mold? My dear friend, who has a very wicked sense of humor, is having brain surgery next month. (mercifully, not a malignant tumor)
            But I'm having a little dinner party for him, and everyone is bringing funny gifts (wigs, hats, etc.) He would LOVE if if I surprised him with a brain-themed desert!

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              Go to the Archie McPhee website. It's 7.95. I hope your friend's okay.