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Oct 10, 2006 03:09 AM

Late lunch on a winter Friday in Amsterdam?

We'll be arriving to Schiphol at 135pm and staying near d'Vijff Vlieghen. Any suggestions for a nearby, chill place to get some light, late lunch? (We'll be eating dinner at Zuid Zeeland).

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  1. -after Brussels,Amsterdam is a city where almost ANY place you walk into (mid afternoon) will be a goodie -- especially if you like Indonesian - let yoyur snooz be your guide!!

    1. Casa di David was a truly wonderful Italian place ... we ate there two nights while in Amsterdam because we liked it so much. Wonderful atmosphere and food. (Ah, but it says they're open at 1700 hours.)

      De originele Italiaanse keuken
      aan de Amsterdamse grachten
      Open van 17.00 - 23.30
      Singel 426 1017 AV Amsterdam
      T 020 6245093 F 020 6384646

      1. Hi Maya, for a late lunch in A'dam I would go for either Buffet van Odette, Herengracht 309. It is 5 min walking from your place and is a cute little lunchrestaurant near one of the most beautiful canals. The serve good quality homemade sandwiches, salads, juices, soups and their pies are just yummy.. it's a little pearl. Also close to you is Singel 404, on the Singel, nr 404 also a few min walking. It looks a little worn out but also here everything is made from schratch and their inventive clubs are mouthwatering. A bit further away is Pasta di mama, p.c hooftstraat 24, you could take tram five and get out five stops later. The make the most incredible italian lunch.. froms freshly baked olive or tomatobread with mozzarella, parmahams, pestos and I could go on and on till good light pasta dishes and other yummy snacks. There is also Frenzi, Zwanenburgwal 232 which is close to Waterlooplein and is about 10 min walking for you. A cosy restaurant located on one of the prettier parts of amsterdam with a couple of italian guys whipping up good sandwiches and salads. The beef baby on farmesbread or the clubfrenzi are my favo. Another plus is just across the street you will find the best choclatier in A'dam called Puccini.. always busy but worth the wait..