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Oct 10, 2006 02:52 AM

All you can Eat Korean BBQ??

Do you guys have Korean BBQ Buffets where you eat endless supplies of meat and cook at your table? I am right by Lake Merit

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  1. those are mainly in the south bay

    1. sorry..where is South Bay? how far from Oakland? I have been behind the Orange Curtain too long.

      Will you please tell me where in the "South Bay"?

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      1. re: Diamond Dog

        Buffet-style Korean BBQ joints are plentiful in Sunnyvale, but your other thread says "no car," so Sunnyvale is not practical for you. Perhaps along the East Bay BART line down toward Union City / Fremont??

        1. re: Jefferson

          What buffet-style Korean BBQ joints are there in Sunnyvale? The only all you can eat Korean BBQ place I know of in the South Bay is Palace in Santa Clara.

          1. re: Humbucker

            There's Palace which you know.

            Korea House on El Camino has a lunch buffet.

            There was a previous post on a place called Octagon that has a buffet.

      2. I do not know of any "all you can eat meat" ones in Oakland, but I went to Sam Won (26th and Telegraph) with three friends, we ordered the "grill your own meat dinner for three", and the four of us were completely stuffed. And you *do* always get all you can eat panchan if you ask nicely.

        1. Most of the Korean places in Oakland are not very expensive. Unless you're a world-class glutton, ordering all you can eat won't cost much.

          I highly recommend Ohgane, 3915 Broadway.

          1. Speaking of cheap Korean near the lake, anybody been to Soju Bang lately? I heard the food went downhill but that's a while ago.