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Any comments on Stan's Place?

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I am always hoping for a place with real New Orleans style beignets, so I was delighted when Stan's Place on Atlantic Avenue opened its doors. Unfortunately, after two separate visits, I am completely perplexed about how that place stays in business. There are like ten waitresses working but nobody seems to do much, and I thought the hostess/manager was pretty rude. Then, there is the issue of the food. The beignets were mediocre and the rest of our meal was downright disappointing -- and it's pretty hard to mess up a two-eggs-and-potatoes breakfast. It wasn't the worst food I've ever had, it was just...blah. Too bad because it's a cute space, with big bright windows in front, etc. I'm not going back to Stan's but I'd be curious to hear about other people's experience...

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  1. I took some greens home and put them in the fridge, and they got very hard like there was a 1:1 greens:lard ratio. It made me sick thinking about it. They looked preserved in crisco.

    1. I live around the corner from Stan's and I have had brunch there several times. While I agree that the service can be spotty I think the po boy sandwiches are pretty great, and I am also a fan of their seafood gumbo.

      1. I just posted last week about a disappointing visit to Stan's:


        I completely agree with deaneats. Bad service. Bad food. Cute space. Not worth going when they can't get the basics right.

        1. Went there a few weeks ago
          Had the shrimp and grits. Not a combo I ever heard of. It was delicious. Can't remember what my wife had.
          We both shared red velvet cake for dessert and were very dissapointed. Seemed stale/not fresh, couldnt tell which really.
          She was so dissapointed by the red velvet, the next day she made her own, yummmmmmmm.
          Would still try again, though

          1. I only visited Stan's once and my friend and I each had an outstanding ribeye steak.

            1. Just wanted to drop a quick update on Stan's Place.

              It looks like they revamped the menu a bit - it seems to be less formal and also less pricey.

              I'm happy to report that everything I had was very good. I can't compare to the genuine deal as I haven't been to NO in quite a while, but for my tasted buds everything was quite delicious. Had a shrimp po-boy ($10 or $11 or so)- the shrimp were nicely dusted in a cornmeal coating and fried well. Nice size, good flavor - wasn't as messy as I'd like it (not "fully-dressed") but tasty noetheless. Came with a side of cubed and fried potatoes - again, very good and not greasy at all, but I only ate a handful in favor of the side of jambalaya ($4). The jambalaya was great - well cooked, not too gloppy, and had a really nice andouille with a subtle undertone of funkiness (in a good way). Washed it down with an Abita Turbodog. Not dirt cheap, but including tax and tip I was out of there for $23.

              I'd been unimpressed with this place at brunch, and haven't been back in 2-3 years it seems. But I did have a very good experience and will definitely return.

              Oh, and a quick touch on service. Very friendly, a bit slow, but the food was brought out promptly and wasn't left to cool in the kitchen, which always drives me nuts. Not 4 star, but defintely of "neighborhood" quality.

              1. I ate there Friday night. We got the sausage gravy and biscuits and fried oysters as appetizers. I had a steak po'boy while my girlfriend had the oyster and shrimp po'boy.

                It was amazing. Easily one of the best meals I have had in Brooklyn. While the sausage gravy wasn't as good as my dads (I grew up in the south), I can't imagine it being much better outside of the house. The oysters tasted beyond fresh, as if they had just come out of the water 5 minutes before serving. They tasted like the ocean.

                And the po'boys were perfect. Perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked. The potatoes that came with them were cooked well also. Cooked throughout, soft and tender on the inside and super crispy on the outside.

                I would without hesitation recommend this restaurant to anyone and actually am quite surprised to see some of the feedback people are providing in other posts on this restaurant.

                1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that had a bad time at Stan's. It was slow service and bad food. I really will never go back and will tell everyone I know not to go there. I took 3 hours for a normal 1 corse meal. and the music was super loud and the server was deaf. Got everything wrong.