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Oct 10, 2006 02:22 AM

Any comments on Stan's Place?

I am always hoping for a place with real New Orleans style beignets, so I was delighted when Stan's Place on Atlantic Avenue opened its doors. Unfortunately, after two separate visits, I am completely perplexed about how that place stays in business. There are like ten waitresses working but nobody seems to do much, and I thought the hostess/manager was pretty rude. Then, there is the issue of the food. The beignets were mediocre and the rest of our meal was downright disappointing -- and it's pretty hard to mess up a two-eggs-and-potatoes breakfast. It wasn't the worst food I've ever had, it was just...blah. Too bad because it's a cute space, with big bright windows in front, etc. I'm not going back to Stan's but I'd be curious to hear about other people's experience...

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  1. I took some greens home and put them in the fridge, and they got very hard like there was a 1:1 greens:lard ratio. It made me sick thinking about it. They looked preserved in crisco.

    1. I live around the corner from Stan's and I have had brunch there several times. While I agree that the service can be spotty I think the po boy sandwiches are pretty great, and I am also a fan of their seafood gumbo.

      1. I just posted last week about a disappointing visit to Stan's:

        I completely agree with deaneats. Bad service. Bad food. Cute space. Not worth going when they can't get the basics right.

        1. Went there a few weeks ago
          Had the shrimp and grits. Not a combo I ever heard of. It was delicious. Can't remember what my wife had.
          We both shared red velvet cake for dessert and were very dissapointed. Seemed stale/not fresh, couldnt tell which really.
          She was so dissapointed by the red velvet, the next day she made her own, yummmmmmmm.
          Would still try again, though

          1. I only visited Stan's once and my friend and I each had an outstanding ribeye steak.