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Oct 10, 2006 01:58 AM

Philadelphia Pizza Place: Mama Palma's

My husband and I went to Mama Palma's recently and it was such a terrible experience! The waitstaff is SO rude--provided really bad service, and treated us poorly for asking questions. I used to love the pizza but the portions are getting smaller. I've decided that I will never return to this place again. Anybody else receive consistently bad service like we have there?

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  1. No. Quite the opposite. I find the staff to be unusually accomodating. The pizza is usually very good but occasionally is only so-so. For example I've sometimes found the goat cheese and bacon to be completely transcendental, other times, sort of ho-hum.

    I should add that I go quite a bit as well. Since you mention portion sizes I have to ask if you get the pasta? I usually get the pizza and I don't think I've ever ordered the pasta or been with anyone who has, so maybe it's not as good as the pizza.

    Also, the fresh tomato w/ricotta blobs and mushrooms marinated in balsamic is really, really good. As is the polenta/pizza thing w/peppers.

    1. I too must disagree. I live around the corner and MP is one of our favorites. The service is usually fantastic with us, but we tend to go on weeknights when it's less frantic. We love their traditional margherita pizza and their herbed sausages make for a great topping. We also love their Santa Fe pizza, which we know is nothing close to authentic Italian, but the loads of cilantro make it a delicious meal nonetheless.

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        As a frequent customer of Mama Palma's, I will say that I love their food...especially their cheese calzone, polenta bread plate and any of their veggie pizzas. While the owner (I believe its Anthony?) is gracious and friendly with me, I've seen him be extremely rude with other customers. To the point where I've said that I wouldn't go back...I've seen him legitimately yell at customers to get up from their table while others were waiting.

      2. I agree with Lotus7. I went there yesterday for the first time with guests, and the Neanderthal at the door yelled at us for requesting a back wall table (glaring at us and yelling at us "THREE PEOPLE, TABLE 9!!!" pointing to the middle of the room, to indicate they won't sit three people anywhere else, though the place was empty except for two tables of two people each, and it was only 2:30). We left. The food couldn't taste good enough to make up for that kind of attytood. Check out CitySearch for the reviews on this place. Most describe nightmares related to rude and abusive management and staff.

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          The first time we ate at Mama Palma's the owner was so very rude that he actually came outside to apoligize to my wife and I. We are an older couple and he said that his parents would be mortified if they knew how he treated us. He was frankly more then rude to us. Perhaps he gets stressed out when busy. We did not go back for several years and I am sure he did not remember us, but he gave us free pasta the next time. Service so inconsistent, that we probably wont go back.

          1. re: OlderPhiladelphian

            He and the restaurant were the opposite of busy when I was there Sunday, so I think it's something deeper than stress. I forgot to mention that as we left, the gorilla muttered under his breath, and then yelled after us in a sarcastic sing-sing: "Have a nice d-a-a-a-a-ay... Have a nice D-A-A-A-A-A-Y".

            1. re: pizzaficianado

              Yes, so rude--we barely even got paid attention to, and when we did, it was a MAJOR interruption, and our food was positively AWFUL! THe pizzas barely had any toppings, and were burned, so what little cheese was on there had turned to crusty grease.

              1. re: thebeavises

                I was there back in November and it was excellent with excellent service. They even brought out a free appetizer for us to try. I would def. go back, esp. since the pizza is fantastic!
                Sorry you all had such bad experiences.

        2. I was there a couple months ago, and had fine service and great pizza. Thank you.

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            Food is good to great. Service is atrocious to amazing.

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              Sounds like going there requires the same attitude on the part of the customer as with the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld. You have to love the food so much that you don't care about the high chance of getting bad service or outright abuse. Nicht fur mir.

          2. The original comment has been removed