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Oct 10, 2006 01:26 AM

It's the season for....pumpkin!

I noticed a topic on the LA board on the best of pumpkin in LA. Does anyone have pumpkin favorites in the Bay?

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  1. Here's a post I started last year:

    I'd start out by checking out the pumpkin macarons at Bay Breads on Pine Street.

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    1. what about pumpkin ramen from Ramen Halu, SJ:

      and pumpkin ice cream from Mitchell's, SF:

      1. The Pasta Shop (in Berkeley and Oakland) usually has great pumpkin filled pasta and pumpkin gnocchi at this time of year. I was there today and saw some pumpkin ravioli, no gnocchi today, but I saw some last week.

        1. At Hong Kong Saigon Seafood Harbor in Sunnyvale, the menu card on the tabletop listed a consumme with pumpkin and tofu --- wonder if anyone has tried this dish?

          1. I'm mad for paletas. Has anyone ever seen a pumpkin paleta locally? I ran into my paleta guy today and he said that they do make them in Mexico (DFR?), but he had never seen them in the Bay Area. Any sightings?