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Great Greek Food in Dallas?

I was wondering where the best Greek food in Dallas could be found? I often have a hankering for this but don't always have the time to make it myself. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. My favorite is Zorba's in Plano. It's Chicago-style Greek (think flaming Saganaki), with passable Moussaka and Pastitsio, and good gyros and fries. I am told the Baklava is good, too.

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    1. re: Kirk

      Thanks for the recommendation, I tried Zorba's out on saturday.

      Only qualm I had was their policy on check splitting and sharing, otherwise, great place!

        1. re: Kirk

          They add a $3 charge if you want to share a dish, and they don't split checks.

          1. re: air

            So order one dish and just share the plate (and not have them split it), have one person pay, and you settle with that person later. Of will Zorba charge you for that as well?


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        We went to Zorba's last night for the first time. Their Moussaka is NOT passable. I hardly ate it and brought it home so that I can add my own sauce to make it edible! If they can't make Moussaka (or Pastitisio) right, what other Greek dishes can they make right?! My companion also had a disappointing chicken dish.

        No, Baklava is one of the worst we've ever had. As soon as you have a bite, you can tell it's not homemade. And they have the nerver to charge over $3/pc! (Better homemade baklavas are available for less than $3 at Middle Eastern restaurants in Dallas.)

        Also, they charged us for extra pita bread without warning! I've been to numerous Greek restaurants in CA, FL and Greece (and even more Middle Eastern restaurants) and Zorba's is the ONLY restaurant that charged for extra pita!!!

        To be fair, their appetizer (trio of hummus, eggplant and caviar) was very good (though their hummus isn't the best).

        I really hope Zorba's isn't the best (or one of the best) Greek restaurants in Dallas. If so, we are too scared to try other Greek restaurants here...

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          Yikes, this sounds horrible and I guess you can't write it off to a bad night in the kitchen either.

          Some people will criticize this statement, but with a few Asian and quasi-French exceptions, there are not a lot of mainstream, real-deal destination ethnic restaurants in the Dallas area. I would be hard pressed to recommend an exceptional Dallas ethnic restaurant from these areas: Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Russia, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and India.

          Having said that, I would cautiously recommend Ziziki's on Travis for Greek food but it's still not going to be what you will find in the big cities.

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            Where would you find a Scandinavian restaurant in the Dallas area?

            Black Forest Cafe is a really good German restaurant.

            1. re: Shalley

              I don't know of a Scandinavian restaurant in Dallas. Why, are you in the mood for some lute fisk or lapskaus?

              Black Forest, like Kuby's, is mediocre at best. Their wursts are no different than a lot of other places and the sides (potatoes, sauerkraut, red beets, etc.) are bland. I've eaten in both places many times when I needed my Teutonic food fix.

              Black Forest used to be a lot better when it was run by the original owners who I think were Austrian.

              1. re: Shalley

                Not a restaurant, but have you been here?
                It is a neat little Norweigan shop in Plano.

              2. re: Scagnetti

                I completely agree. I moved to Dallas recently having previously lived in numerous other large cities. This city's ethnic restaurants are not only rare, but rarely any good. Its hard enough to find a decent pizza much less middle eastern, Jamaican, Ethiopian, etc.

                I've really had to step up my game in terms of home cooking to satisfy my cravings.

          2. Zorba's is also my favorite. It's BYOB ($2.50 corking fee) and there's a wine store two doors down.

            Try the galaktoboureko for dessert, yum!

            1. I've always enjoyed Ziziki's on Travis. It's a little pricey but the food is good and it is a family run restaurant. I always try and support these kinds of places.

              I haven't been to Papou's Greek Kitchen and Taverna on Abrams but I have heard good things about it. This is the place that is a coffee shop by day (Legal Grounds) and a restaurant at night.

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                I also enjoy Ziziki's on Travis. The food is good. I enjoyed the souvlaki. I haven't found a superb Greek restaurant in Dallas yet, but Ziziki's food is good.

                Papou's, on the other hand was a disaster. My wife (Greek) and I went out of our way to try it, but she couldn't finish her meal. I had the Moussaka, It didn't taste like any Moussaka (Greek or Turkish) that I have ever eaten. I finished it but it was an effort. I would really like to know the village that these people originate from in Greece because in the fifteen years I lived in Greece I have never tasted Greek food that tasted like this -- leave it as a coffe shop.

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                  We finally tried Papou's as well and were disappointed. Both the food and the service were mediocre.

                  Don't ask me what I ate, it left no impression on me.

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                    I would have to agree that Papou's is an absolute disaster. My wife is, also, Greek and as much as we enjoy going out we had to leave this meal prior to reaching the finish line. Most of the items tasted as if they were prepared during the week prior, frozen, and then microwaved just prior to serving time. The spinach had the fresh essence of tin, etc. The owners claim that the recipes were passed on through two respective sides of Greek ancestry. What a joke. And to be fair - legal grounds is a fantastic morning neighborhood gathering spot.

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                      I agree that Ziziki's is a great place for ambience and some of their dishes were pretty good (Sea Bass was excellent) but the authenticity of the fare is wanting badly. For example, the xwriatiki (Greek Salad) has lettuce and thousand island dressing. Essentially it was a side salad with Feta. They also serve Spanakopita as an entree which is insanely absurd, and there was no way I was about to order Souvlaki (the equivalent of a hamburger here in Greece) at such a nice place. I really dont know where you will find a great Greek restaraunt in Dallas. The Greek diaspora is too small to warrant an authentic establishment. I recommend you go to one of the few Greek Orthodox Churches for one of their name-day celebrations for their pot luck banquets. The music and fare will be as close as you can get.

                    2. re: Scagnetti

                      you have obviously never been to Sparta

                    3. Ali Baba's on preston road is very good it is north of frankford and south of george bush on the west side. The Opa grill at Preston and LBJ is good also, by day it is a diner and at night it is a greek restuarant. The Greek Cafe same shopping center as Opa is a very good buffet that has a wide variety and good pita.

                      I always thought Ziziki's was way overrated, but that is just me.

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                      1. re: Dean K.

                        Is that the Charlie's Opa Grill in the same place as India Palace on Preston, just south of 635?


                        1. re: Dean K.

                          I just ate at Greek Cafe today for lunch - first time there. I thought I would check out their buffet. Not only was their food on the lower-end of mediocre, they had buffalo wings on their buffet. It's not what I would consider completely authentic, obviously.

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                            I personally love Ali Baba's on Preston, but don't consider it to be Greek food...For Greek, the only place that I have been in Dallas, that I think is consistently good, is Ziziki's...both the one of Travis and the one on Preston and Forest...They do lamb really well..Their potatoes are wonderful, and overall it is a really good dining experience...Having said that, I don't think that we actually have any GREAT Greek food in Dallas, but this is as close as it comes...

                            1. re: Dean K.

                              The Greek Cafe is the one greek restaurant I go to over and over again. I don't know how authentic it is but it's always been very good. I've never seen chicken wings on their buffet.

                              There is a great grocery store on Beltline east of Preston behind the Bally's and next to the Stein Mart that has a little restaurant section. They have really good food as well.

                              1. re: Shalley

                                I, too, go to the Greek Cafe at least once a week. The food is always fresh,the service is friendly and fast and the prices are very good to boot. You can order off the menu or enjoy their wonderful buffet. I always go for the buffet, because of the quality and great variety of dishes. I love it.

                            2. Gotta disagree with you on that particular Ali Baba. It's more Middle Eastern than Greek, in any event. Last time I was there, I ordered the lamb chop "special" and they were dished up grey ... as if done in a frying pan rather than on a grill or a broiler.

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                                I agree -- Ali Baba's is a Middle Eastern restaurant rather than a Greek restaurant. For Middle Eastern food I am fond of Fadi's Mediterranean Grill on Knox. It has real Shawrma. I am also fond of Cafe Istanbul on Lover's Lane. This is a "real" Turkish restaurant. The Moussaka at Cafe istanbul is better than that at Papou's.

                                1. re: rosco

                                  I live by Fadi's and eat there a decent amount more for convenience than anything else. Their shawarma isn't terribly good (the last time I had it, it was downright awful, but its been ok in the past). Better than others I've had in Dallas, but that isn't saying much. I'd be reluctant to actually recommend that people go out of their way to eat there.

                              2. Yes the same shopping center as India Palace.

                                The distinction between greek and middle eastern is a little fuzzy. The have excellent hummus, posssibly the best in the city, their gyros are excellent as well as their mishwi shish. I guess if Ali Baba's isn't considered greek then I will start recommending it as a good middle eastern restuarant.

                                I felt the atmosphere in Zorba's was much better then the food.

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                                1. re: Dean K.

                                  I would definitely go with Zorba's. I used to live right down the road from there and loved it. Their zatziki sauce is killer.

                                  Cafe Greek at the southwest corner of Preston and LBJ has an awesome lunch buffet.

                                  Kostas Cafe is another good one. They have two locations that I know of. One is off Greenville Ave in Dallas and the other is at Park and Ohio in Plano.

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                                    There's also on at Park and Alma in Plano.

                                2. Anyone ever tried Stratos on Northwest Highway near Harry Hines?

                                  It's Greek to Me in Lewisville is also more middle-eastern (Lebanese, actually) than Greek.

                                  1. Kostas on Greenville is a long-time favorite.
                                    Love the place.

                                    1. I also like Zorbas and have complained many times about their check splitting policy. I have talked to the owner and explained that it's costing him a great deal of lunch business, but they simply don't seem to care.

                                      All though not "greek" but rather middle eastern, I think taht Fadis is a very good value and for certain items much better than Zorbas.

                                      The hummus and Fadis for instance is much better than Zorbas, however the Tzaziki is much better at Zorbas. It all depends on what you are looking for.

                                      Another good value is "It's greek to me" in Lewisville. Their food is very tasty all though their service leaves a lot to be desired.

                                      1. Well I guess we all have to recend our complaints about Zorbas. We had lunch their today and were asked if we would like seperate checks. They must have finally listened to the comments. We will be eating there much more often now that we don't have to deal with the check splitting issues.

                                        1. YUM YUM cafe in garland, on belt line and plano.

                                          I've not had a chance to sample a ton of Greek in dallas, but its been very good for the price. Simple food and quite good. Just don't go late, as they club next door will start banging down the walls with its music. :(

                                          1. If you're looking for good Greek, try Kosta's on Greenville. My parents first took me there a long time ago, and I still love going there. It has a very intimate feel, cozy even. Everything is wonderful! However, I heard they opened a Plano location, of which I have not heard positive feedback. You can find more info. here:


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                                            1. re: princesscambry

                                              They actually have a couple of places in Plano, but neither come close to Zorbas.

                                              1. re: irodguy

                                                Try Stratos Greek Taverna on Northwest Highway. It's just east of I-35 in Dallas and has the best Gyros in dallas, period. I've been a regular there for years, I dig the fact that it's family owned and operated, too. My only complaint is that it's kinda outta the way.... but always worth the drive.

                                                1. re: jelaine

                                                  they are just wrapping up construction on a little roof top deck as well.

                                                  1. re: jelaine

                                                    That same family also owns the Lodge. Thats a place to get a great... steak and lobster for 6 bucks.

                                              2. I have had good and not so good at almost every Greek restaurant in Dallas. All I can say is they tend to be very inconsisitent. The one exception - Kosta's. In 30 years of eating there it has always been good. They used to have one on Bachman lake that was far more comfortable than the one on Greenville Ave., but as the area was overrun with bars and their clientele moved away they closed it. As for authentic - I can only vouch for the avgolemono and dolmathes. The best greek food in the area is served only once a year - the greek food festivals in Dallas, Euless and Ft. Worth.

                                                Ali Baba has my all time favorite mezza plate - but they are Middle Eastern, not Greek.

                                                1. I tried Zorba's awhile back. I had a sampler plate and thought everything was about average. My fiancee had a chicken dish that she couldn't finish (and not because of the portion size). Service was also disappointing.

                                                  I thought Kostas in Plano had better food but it seemed quite a bit more expensive from what I can remember.

                                                  Greek Isles in Plano is decent enough that I would not drive the extra to go to Zorba's again.

                                                  All my favorite places have closed. I'm going to try Stratos next time I'm in that area.

                                                  The Z Cafe was voted best gyro by the Observer in 2003, are they still around? Have any of you been there?

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                                                    Z Cafe was fine, but they're not around anymore.

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                                                      You really should try Ziziki's at Preston and Forest...Quite good...

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                                                        I had to try Zorba's on account of reading this thread and would have to say, was disappointed. I suppose the atmosphere was ok, many couples on dates, and showmanship of the 'OPA' after lighting the hot plates on fire, but I found it to be overpriced for the quality of food. Service was very unattentive. Although I did enjoy the stuffed grapeleaves. That was the only thing I liked. Greek salad was just a few pieces of lettuce and olives, Little Gus's is better. Gyro meat was bland and pita was hard as rocks. Was looking forward to trying the desserts from the viewing case, had the layered one with cream and phyillo, tasted like it had been in the big fridge too long, had other flavors in it that was not of 'dessert' origin.
                                                        Did try, in similar taste arena, Taste of Galliee, in Synder plaza, and was pleasantly surprised, their cucumber yogurt sauce was out of this world. Looking forward to trying the plano location.

                                                        1. re: lizlemon

                                                          Has Zorba's gone downhill? Anyone else have a recent experience?

                                                          I admit, I haven't been in over a year.

                                                          1. re: donnaaries

                                                            We ate there last Saturday with a completely different outcome. Everything was fine, the only complaint MS Picky ever has is like many restaurants they include the "white part" of the lettuce. I always tear my lettuce and throw away the center stock unless I grill it. But again that's a common issue with many places.

                                                    2. Cafe Medi in North Richland Hills is lovely, though a bit of a haul
                                                      Along the same vein of food, though not Greek, I HIGHLY reccomend Cafe Istanbul at Lovers and Inwood. We love lamb, and this has some wonderful lamb dishes. Also, do try the apricots and cream with walnuts for dessert.

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                                                        Actually, Cafe Medi is in Hurst, a stone's throw from Colleyville. Enjoy(?) a hookah on the terrace.

                                                      2. We love Fadi's! Get their early, so you can see the freshly made food on the line piled high!

                                                        1. My favorite is Sahara located on Alpha Rd,but the food might be more Middle Eastern than Greek.

                                                          1. what are some really good greek places in central texas-killeen area?

                                                            1. Honestly, Tasty Greek in Carrollton is my favorite around here.

                                                              1. Ziziki's on Travis is my favorite, very romantic for a first date situation. Good wine selection. I like the lamb chops or the greek lamb salad.

                                                                Also, Stratos on Northwest Highway is decent. Stick to lamb chops and you wont be dissapointed. And go on a Monday or Tuesday when everything is half price! Caution: not the best part of town, but safe. You will often see the owner or his lovely daughter running the place.

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                                                                  yeah -- I like Ziziki's on Travis and have been pleased with the food at Stratos. We stumbled on the Platia Greek Kouzina up in Frisco. Good food and atmosphere.

                                                                2. I like Sevan's G&G Cafe in Lowest Greenville (across from the former Whole Foods). It's "Mediterranean," and I believe the owner is Lebanese, so it may not be completely authentic Greek, but does feature some Greek dishes. Honestly, virtually every time I go I get the gyros because they are simply that good. However, I have tried a good number of the appetizers, and have tried the chicken curry, and all have been good. The lentil soup wasn't my favorite, though. Homemade baklava, too. Most of the times I have been there it is pistachio, but that does change.

                                                                  Considering the facts that: this place hardly ever garners a mention; every friend I have ever taken there has loved it; and each time I am there for lunch, virtually everyone is ordering the gyros, I think it's worthy of a mention here, even if not authentic Greek.

                                                                  1. The Greek Isles at Parker and 75 in Plano is very good. They have really good rack of lamb. I think best in the metroplex.

                                                                    1. I would personally say Zorbas is still the most consistent. It's also Byob all though the corkage fee is a little bit out there.

                                                                      1. The Observer named Kavala best Greek Restaurant in Dallas and I have to agree. It's small, neighborhoody and the menu changes a lot, but the basic greek dishes: souvlakis, pastisio, gyro, salad, hummus, dolmas, etc. are all terrific. Plus, any seafood dishes are usually really special, especially the whole grilld bronzini when its available. I also hear the Greek seafood stew is excellent, but that's not my thing, so I haven't had it. They also have brick oven pizzas that are perfect. It's in the OC,(on Davis, west of Bolsa) but it's worth the drive. Call in advance and tell them you just want Chef Kelly to cook for you.

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                                                                        1. re: dfwtexex

                                                                          Does anyone trust the Observer? or D magazine? I like reading and writing in City of Ate, but do we take some of these reviews serious since they are heavily ad driven? Especially D. I am on the fence with it at times.

                                                                          I party a bit with owners daughter of Stratos, they are a cool bunch of people.

                                                                          1. re: DallasDude

                                                                            Oh yes, the Lodge certaily has "great food"