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Oct 10, 2006 01:18 AM

Has anyone eaten @ Martyr's'?

We're headed to Marty's @ 3855 North Lincoln Avenue Tuesday night and are thinking of eating dinner there instead of trying to find somewhere else in the area. The menu looks like an upscale bar menu. Just wondering if anyone has eaten there or would recommend other options in the area.


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  1. Haven't tried the food at Martyr's.
    For something different, try El Llano on Lincoln or The Flying Chicken on Lincoln at Grace. They serve Columbian Churrasco Style Chicken and Steak plus lots more for dirt cheap prices. The Mesquite Charcoal fired Chicken, empanadas, and arepas are particularly good at The Flying Chicken.

    Resi's Bier Stube on Irving Park Road 1 block west of Damen and Lincoln is very good for Authentic German food and Beer. This place is underrated. Have a stein of BBK.

    1. I wasn't that impressed with Martyr's. Stick to drinks there. Go to Uncommon Ground on Grace and Clark or Mrs. Murphy and Sons....or try the Duke of Perth for good bar food.

      1. I recently ate at Martyr's -- it's nothing special and has a very, very limited menu. With all respect to the prior poster, Duke of Perth and Uncommon Ground are not close to Martyr's. The Resi's recommendation is a good one. You also will be fairly close to a nice, mid-range Cuban restaurant on Irving Park called Cafe 28. I would avoid the nearby Grizzly's Lodge.

        1. I like Cafe 28, too.
          And, Lord help me, I like Grizzly's.

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            Yeah, what's the deal with Grizzly's? This place has a following...why?

            1. re: amoncada

              They have a very nice selection of beers, and serve tater tots.

          2. If you go to Cafe 28 and if it's still in seasaon, they have a mervelous almond-crusted Halibut.