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Oct 10, 2006 01:07 AM

Dinner in San Jose / Silicon Valley

We'll be in San Jose, staying on a Saturday night. Looking for a dinner recommendation. I am open for anything. Upscale or hole in the wall. I have a car & am willing to drive in the area. Would love to have a great meal with excellent desserts. And I'm really open for anything... steakhouse, japanese, french, CA cuisine, brazillian bbq etc....

I'm actually really in the mood for Banana Foster. Any where to get that in the San Jose area? If not, I'm up for any other killer desserts.

I have read some reviews on La Fondue, Trader Vics, Arcadia, The Basin... so please Advise! Thanks!

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  1. Well if you are looking for a nice fine dining restaurant Manresa in Los Gatos is pretty good. It just received 2 Michelin stars. As for good dessets can't really with confidence recommend one restaurant. Fleur de Coca has nice pastries and cakes in Los Gatos but is not opened at night.