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Oct 10, 2006 01:04 AM

Miller’s East Coast West Delicatessen: No free tableside pickles? You want I should order two for $1.99?

The matzoh ball soup ($4.50) consisted of a giant ball and a rather opaque broth. The broth scared me a little to look at, but under the surface were finely minced celery and carrots and some shredded chicken meat. The ball was just the way it should be. My only complaint was that the broth was a little too salty.

My $3 knish was pretty lackluster. It was bland and not creamy enough (not that it should be creamy but it should become something transcending potato in its own pastry - perhaps I'm asking too much of a knish). Also, no Beaver sweet hot mustard? A knish isn't a knish without some sweet hot Beaver.

Um, moving on...

The boyfriend ordered a half corned beef with the matzoh ball soup which did come with a pickle spear ($8). His corned beef tasted good to me, but he said it could have been leaner. I commandeered the potato salad that came with his food, and found it to be pretty generic stuff.

The black and white cookie ($2) we took home looked like it the frosting had melted without the plastic wrap before we left the restaurant. It tasted melted, too, and the cookie/cake wasn't spongy enough.

No one goes to Miller’s for ambiance, and it just consists of three rows of tables and some paintings on the wall (saying there’s paintings on the wall makes it sound better than it is). The service was friendly and efficient.

I'm torn on whether I like California St. Deli or this place more. CSD definitely has the edge on ambiance and knishes and ability to find street parking. East Coast West has the matzoh ball edge.

Miller’s East Coast West Delicatessen
1725 Polk St. (@ Clay St.)
San Francisco, CA

You Want I Should Try This New Jewish Deli?: California Street Delicatessen & Cafe

steaklist on Miller’s:

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  1. Funny I walked by MECWD today and looked in...not very inviting but I could see old school charm. The $10 buck sandwiches stopped me from going in...and it looked like a waitstaffed meal (?)...short on time so I moved on. Also figured the portions would be twice what I needed...and my west coast brain whispered, burrito, burrito...cheaper, cheaper.

    So how does it stack up against the East Coast? I hear the dirth of deli thing all the time...just wondering.

    1. I actually have been underwhelmed by the delis I've been to in New York - Carnegie and Fourth St. I've heard Katz's is better. My fave is actually DZ Akin's in San Diego, and that was much better than Miller's.

      It is a waitstaffed meal at Miller's but it's all prepared really quickly. I imagine the portions of the regular sandwiches are huge, the but half sandwich/half soup is just the right size.

      1. Although I haven't compared the soup, in my experience the pastrami and chicken liver at California Street is WAY better than ECW. Better, in fact, than anything I've had in California and I dare say better than many places in New York and Connecticut. Unless it has gone downhill in the last month or so, The Presidio at California Street is one of the best sandwiches ever, anywhere.