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Restaurant Recommendation in or near Century City or Beverly Hills

I'm taking my dad out to dinner on Friday night, and I'm looking for a good restaurant near the Park Hyatt in Century City, on Avenue of the Stars near Santa Monica Blvd. I am coming down from Santa Barbara and don't know the area at all.

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  1. If you want to walk, your options are very, very limited. Stay away from Breeze in the hotel. French 75 and Gulfstream are okay, but overpriced.

    In BH (a short drive or cab ride), Il Pastaio is excellent for Pasta, and Enoteca Drago does a good italian wine bar/charcuterie thing (though some on the board disagree). Cut in the Beverly Wilshire is the new hot steakhouse, but extremely expensive. Spago is, well, Spago.

    If you have a car, there is excellent Japanese on Sawtelle (esp. Kiriko).

    1. You mention location but not budget, so I'm guessing that's not a concern. Michael's is lovely. I haven't been to La Cachette in quite a while, but it's always been very nice food.
      And you could try Cut, Puck's new high end steakhouse at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

      1. Assuming you have a car ...

        La Cachette for formal french (www.lacachetterestaurant.com


        Nook Bistro for casual, American fare (www.nookbistro.com


        If you want to go the chain route, there's a Houston's in the Century City shopping center.

        You're also not that far from Beverly Hills, which opens up a whole host of options.

        Avoid Breeze and Wockano.

        1. You have a lot of options on the westside - do you have any means of narrowing things down? Perhaps by cuisine?

          1. I hated French 75, it was awful. But, while I'm certainly not alone on this board, it also has its supporters. If you're willing to drive just about 8 minutes, The Grill on the Alley in BH is the type of place I think a lot of dads would like. Decent food, clubby setting, not pretentious.

            1. Sorry for the vague post. Yes, I have a car and no, price is not the primary consideration (although I don't enjoy paying through the nose for "buzz" I will happily pay for a great dining experience).

              My dad's tastes are not terribly adventurous; Asian food is out, as would be anything too avant-garde in any cuisine. Good French, Italian, Spanish, or American would be safe bets. Beverly Hills is definitely within dining radius.

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                Yep, the Grill will totally work. 9560 Dayton Way near Wilshire. Super easy to get to, nice seafood, pasta and meats. They also make excellent cocktails. I don't know how old your dad is, but whenever I'm there I see stars from the 50s and 60s and can't quite place who they are (what with me not being born yet) your dad may have fun with star sightings.

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                  2nd the Grill - but I'll also put in a good word for French 75 (however, I haven't been to THAT particular one and there may be variances)

                2. Il Moro on Olympic and Purdue for good Italian. French 75, La Cachette, The Grill, would also be nice choices. The Nook is wonderful but it's pretty noisy.

                  1. If my Dad were still around he would adore the gorgeous prime aged Angus New York steak with 5 crushed peppers and topped with dabs of blue and goat cheese at La Cachette. Its quiet dining, perfect for a family visit, located on Little Santa Monica about a mile west of Century City. Be sure to call for directions. The road is closed for repairs and there is a detour. Check out the menu:
                    www.lacachetterestaurant.com ...and the chocolate dessert is great!

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                        I'm with Sassille. La Cachette is awesome. I had dinner there earlier in the year and everything from the service and the food was wonderful.

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                          I third! Any driving hassle is not a problem at all. A bumpy road is not a big deal for incredible French chow.

                          You and your dad will definitely enjoy fine French food here. Great service, menu, and wine. The chef is reknown for his organic ingredients, and culmination of fine flavors. I suggest anything foie gras, seafood, red meat, and the desserts.

                      2. If you want to walk in CC your only option is Houston's at the mall. Solid food at an easier price. Good service. It is part of a small chain but well run. If you wanted fish, Gulfstream across the way would work but I don't like it as much.

                        If you are willing to drive a bit go the Grill on the Alley (much more expensive) or La Cachette. La Cachette will take some careful driving because they area is still under construction.

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                          Getting to La Cachette is a pain because of the road construction. Your best bet from CC is to go out on the Olympic side and take side streets to go into La Cachette from the back. I believe the La Cachette website actually contains the directions.

                          Getting to Grill on the Alley is pretty easy.

                        2. French 75 is also a walking option in/to the CC mall. It's right on Constellation.

                          1. If you're willing to expand to Santa Monica, I think JiRaffe would be an excellent choice. Their pork chop is delightful - and "normal" enough so that my midwestern in-laws raved and raved about it without even suggesting it was too ethnic (unlike, to them, Italian).

                            1. I love the Grill, but if you're going to go for steak in BH, might as well hit Mastro's or Cut. Italian: La Dolce Vita (old school, Rat Pack Italian) is in BH quite near CC; Massimo is an Italian bistro option; Piccolo Paradiso on Beverly is great. The food at the Peninsula (SM Blvd, just east of CC) restaurant Belvedere is top notch.