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Oct 10, 2006 12:07 AM

Memphis nice dinner

We have 2 nights only in dowtown Memphis, coming from NYC so used to great food - heading for bbq for lunch but want to take husband for one really nice southern dinner in honor of his big 40.
Am thinking McEwan's or Felicia Suzanne??? Criteria - good wine list, not too far from downtown (still want time to head out to hear music/go to a bar after dinner), great SOUTHERN food. Eat out lots in NY so don't want italian, french, japanese,etc. Would like a nice southern dinner...

Would love any tips/advice.

Thanks! We're really excited for this trip, wish we had more time!!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. For something really Southern, you might try the Hunt Phelan Inn. It is on Beale Street, just away from the river. Although a cab or driving is advisable given the location.

      I've also really enjoyed McEwen's before, and you couldn't go wrong with that.

      1. Erline Jensen's has the best restaurant in Memphis for fine dining and maybe in the whole state. Beats FS's and McEwens both..........

        1. Stella should also be mentioned. They do the upscale Southern thing as well as Felicia Suzanne or McEwans. I haven't been to Hunt Phelan. It came out with a bang but I haven't heard anything lately.

          My advice would be to check out Stella, McEwen's, Felicia Suzanne, Encore and Hunt Phelan when you get to town. Their menus change regularly.

          1. mc ewans has a great wine list and yummy southern food. stella is a good choice as well...chef johnny kirk knows what he's doing...and, felicia suzanne's will not disappoint. you can't go wrong with either of these. also, have a cocktail beforehand at the madison hotel. bon appetit!