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Oct 10, 2006 12:01 AM

KFC after 20 years

Honestly, I have not stepped foot in KFC in 20 years. Leaving on vacation in AM and with getting dogs dropped off at jillp's and finalizing packing and last laundry I thought KFC would probably be simple and easy, Dh had a taste for fried chicken, I had thought some simple Chinese would be good. MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know when I have had so much sugar in a meal. I may be bouncing off the walls for hours when I really need to get to sleep to be up early to drive to Chicago. It was regular with slaw and beans and biscuits. I think never again. I'd wanted to be asleep by 10 but that is so not going to happen. I am truly astounded at the amt. of sugar, just wow!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. haven't had their chicken in ages.Just make mine oven fried at home,plus it's cheaper.

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      I usaually do, but if you notice what I had to say, time was an issue. It was after 7 and I had to be up early. And what I make is way better than any take out. I'd never waste my time with oven fried either. Skillet fried in lard is what happens in my house.

    2. I'm with you, Candy... I hadn't been to KFC in 15 years, but one night when I was catering a wedding for friends, it was the only thing open (and let me tell you, the KFC at 28th and Telegraph is the scariest place I've been in Oakland in a LONG, LONG time). "Well, how bad could it be?" I asked myself.

      It was absolutely disgusting. Never again, unless faced with starvation. And yes, I bounced off the walls until 2 AM.

      1. For what it's worth, their grilled (or roasted or whatever) chicken caesar is pretty good, if you're looking for something actually edible there! But yeah the slaw is so sweet and I think everything else carby there is pretty high on the glycemic index.

        1. Funny after a post on the Los Angeles board about store bought fried chicken, I decided to try KFC (the store stuff is awful by the time I arrive after work), I actually kinda got into it, the one near me in Sherman Oaks, CA was really good. They had a leg and thigh special going....9 pieces/$7. It was very good and it tasted savory to me, not sweet at all, I did the original. I never do the sides...not a cole slaw, mushed potato fan etc.

          1. I'll throw in mid 60's as my last KFC MSG coma-ladened meal. Since one of their secret spices is MSG, I couldn't eat the fried although i loved it as a kid.

            Now the closest i get to fried chicken is boneless breast that i use for chick parm. I love to sneak the filets into the oil and munch n them while the real breasts are in the oven. :-)))