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Oct 9, 2006 11:59 PM

Restaurant recommendation for a large group in Pasadena or downtown LA area

I'm planning a bachelor party and am looking for a restaurant in Pasadena or downtown LA area that's not too fancy/expensive. Could be a fancy burger joint, California cuisine, anything goes long as they serve alcohol. Any recommendations for a place that will accept reservations for about 17 people?

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  1. Do you a want a place that emphasizes the booze, or one that emphasizes the food?

    For the former, how about Barney's Beanery in Old Town. It'll get you started on your bar-hopping.

    If you want the latter, maybe the patio at Santorini's, or the back room at Bar Celona.

    Most places will take large reservations with advance notice. They probably will want a deposit for a group your size, though.

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      I think Bar Celona is a great idea for this. They have a restaurant/bar side and a bar/lounge side. Go with the bar/lounge side (you might be able to reserve the back, with the cushiony seating and big movie screen). It's a full bar with a really good drinks list. Here's their website with menu:

    2. How about Engine Company 28. A real manly kind of place for a bachelor party. They've got a private area upstairs that they'd probably give you for 17 people.

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        Somehow, Engine Co. doesn't seem to me like a drinking-bachelor-party kind of place.

      2. Dainty tapas don't exactly seem like bachelor-party kind of fare.