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Oct 9, 2006 11:39 PM

Boat Street review

Had a lovely meal at Boat Street Cafe last weekend. Late dinner (8:30); called an hour ahead and were able to get reservations for two. The restaurant was full when we arrived (aside from our table) and stayed that way! Lots of people having long, relaxed dinners, no one was rushed. Menu is small and full of interesting combinations. My companion had a pork chop with fingerling potatoes and pickled raisins. I went for the artery-busting pork belly with a red pepper puree, potatoes, and fennel. Shared a bottle of pinot. The bread was absolutely out of this world -- a small thing to mention, perhaps, but it's rare to have such delicious bread in a Seattle restaurant (in my opinion). It was just fantastic. Service was okay (had to ask three times for more bread), but overall it was an intimate and delicous meal that was quite unique. I was very fond of the original Boat Street and am happy that the new location is special as well. I will return.

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  1. Thanks for the review, caraely! We were fans of the old boat street, but haven't made it to the new one . . . sounds like we'll have to move this up our list!

    1. I had dinner at Boat Street two weekends ago. That pork belly dish is fantastic. The red pepper puree is so interesting with it. Boat Street is one of my current favorite restaurnts in Seattle right now.

      1. I had lunch at Boat Street Kitchen for lunch the other day, and I was kind of disappointed. The atmosphere and service were excellent, but my lunch could have been better. I had the mac and cheese, which was a simple penne with cheese sauce that had good flavor, but it had been put under the broiler, which made the top layer of pasta rock hard (there were no shielding bread crumbs). The accompanying salad was just a big plate of mixed greens tossed in olive oil and sprinkled with a LOT of sea salt.

        I'm not sure what the relationship between the Cafe (dinner) and the Kitchen (lunch) is, but it seems like a big difference in quality.... I'll be back to try dinner, but won't have lunch there again.

        1. The Kitchen and Cafe have totally different kitchens and staffs. The best things at the Kitchen really are the sandwiches, the soups, the baked eggs, and the bread pudding that both serve. Susan Kaplan the old owner of the Cafe runs the Kitchen and Renee Erickson runs the Cafe.


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            Ahh, thanks for clearing that up. It's totally unclear on the website, and since they (kind of) share the same space.... Anyway, after about 2 bites of that salad, I really was like, "this is the place everyone is always raving about??" I'll definitely go and try the Cafe for dinner.

          2. No kidding -- the website is completely confusing. The Cafe website lists the names and hours of both restaurants at the top, and the Kitchen website is headed "The Boat Street Cafe & Kitchen" and lists hours for both lunch and dinner. Thanks for explaining.