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Please Help A Orange County Boy Lost in Oakland

I am in the Lakeshore District in Oakland for the next couple of weeks. I dont have a car. Can someone tell me the cool tasty restaurants?

Burgers? Adams looks good.


Where can I get Pho?

Sushi by Japanese owned places with Japanese sushi chefs?

Anything else that would be cool to eat?

I am on York St so its not far to walk.

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to hearing all the goodies in this area. looked like a lot of them!

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  1. Hey OCB,
    I think there are supposed to be some good restaurants around Grand/Lakeshore, but I haven't been. You should be able to count on Arizmendi for good bread, pastries, although not the equal of Berkeley's Cheeseboard. There must be a bus that runs down Grand to Broadway/Telegraph that would open up new vistas, e.g. Korea town on Telegraph.

    1. I think there's a sushi place around there... Mijori? or something like that... but I've never been. I strongly second the suggestions of a bike and/or bus. Chinatown and International isn't too far (if you feel a few miles is walkable). I know there's also a vietnamese place along Grand, but definitely does not compare to anything in Westminister. There's also the Holy Land right by the post office, near the theater... any chowhounds tried this place?

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        MIjori, while pretty good, is run by Koreans.

      2. Holy Land's great.

        Champa Garden's a few blocks from the lake.

        1. what is the best Pho place next to me. I probably could talk someone into giving me a ride. It will be worth it.

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          1. I'd hop the bus over to Piedmont Ave and go to Dopo/Tropix/Jojo/Drunken Fish/or even the little cheap take-out susi place on 41st, balancing that with more costly dinners. For Korean, if you cook at all--as in fry in pan or grill on little outdoor hibachi, go to the Koreana Plaza at 24th and Telegraph (not far from Grand and Telegraph) and buy marinated pork bul gogi/ beef kalbi/home-made chop chae. Korean can be so expensive but you can get a ton of VERY good food including ponchons for very little. Also they have nifty packages of pork and ginger buns that can be re-steamed at home and fake-fish sushi for maybe 3.50 enough for two meals.

            In the Lakeshore area, the Philly cheesesteak isn't gourmet but sure tastes good. And Holy Land is tasty.

            Bus that goes down Telegraph (and hooks into one going along 51st to Pleasant Valley and then down Grand) can take you to Dona Tomas and Pizziola and Bakesale Betty's for a killer chicken sandwich during the day and a great dessert.

            Just be careful what corners you wait on along Telegraph: 51st okay at night, others not so.

            And Sundays is the Temescal Farmer's Market just off where Claremont takes off from 51st and Telegraph. Stalls with good food.

            And College Ave isn't far.

            Check out the bus here: http://www.actransit.org/pdf/schedule...

            Or, as everyone has said, get a bike.

            1. Welcome to my neighborhood. There is (or recently was) a Korea place on Grand before Perkins. It used to be wonderful, but I haven't been in some time.

              Luka's Taproom is not too far. It's on Grand and Broadway and has wonderful hamburgers. It's not cheap, though.

              The burrito place next to Peet's Coffee serves swill. Pho will be harder to find really nearby. The closest to you is probably Pho 84 on 17th between Franklin and Webster.

              There's a very good taco truck on 1st Avenue around 14th Street, a couple of blocks past 18th Street.

              Pizza at Arizmendi is wonderful. You can get whole, half, slice or partly baked to take home and finish cooking.

              Mr. Sushi used to be a pretty reliable Japanese place on Grand about a block past the freeway toward downtown. It's now called Coach Sushi (if it hasn't gone out of business) and may be good. I ate there once and it was just okay.

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                That Korean place was Sorabol and it is long gone as a restaurant but resurrected as a fast food outlet in, among other places, the Emeryville Public Market, Rincon Center and the new Bloomies shopping center in SF.

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                  for Korean... there's Jong Ga on Grand.

                2. can you please tell me more about the taco truck? When is it there? Are there any of the seafood taco trucks like the ones we have in S. Cal?