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Oct 9, 2006 10:46 PM

Jun Bo, take three - few repeats MSP

This weekend Danny and I took his mom to Jun Bo for dim sum. This is our third visit to Jun Bo and oh my, this place really seems to have an endless supply of dim sum goodness. We ordered way too much food and only had a few repeats. It was just too tempting seeing all the yummy food go by. oh well.

We started with a fried banana desert thing. We couldn't resist desert first and ohh it was good. It was basically a cut up banana in an egg roll wrapper. I had never seen this particular banana thing at Jun Bo during any of my previous visits. Very tasty.

Some of the other standouts besides the banana egg roll were the steamed bun filled with sticky rice, the fried tofu with shrimp, coconut buns, and of course, the pineapple bun! Both the coconut and pineapple buns when they are hot = a bun addiction. Seriously. Go get them now!

We also had soup dumplings although they were called Shanghai Juicy Dumplings. I didn't try them because I am not much of a meat eater, however Danny and mom LOVED them!

Danny loved the Watermelon Balls. They were green balls with a nutty filling. I didn't like them because I thought the filling texture was odd. But maybe that's just me.

Another observation: some of the food was only lukewarm. We were there a little after noon, yet it was still only sorta warm. However, the food being offered by the waiters with the trays were warm. Apparently, getting there early is a good tactic.

I don't think I'll ever get though all the dishes Jun Bo has to offer but yumm I'll have fun trying!

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  1. TCL forgot to mention the tea.

    They offered us a few choices, and we told the waiter to bring us his favorite. What he brought us was Chrysanthemum Tea. It was outstanding. They make it by putting chrysanthemum flowers in the pot, and then pouring hot water over them. Once it has steeped, you get a delightful, flowery, light yellow tea. I can't even tell you how many times they added more water to our pot (they charge per seat drinking tea, not per pot.) When we commented on how excellent it was, they added some more flowers to our pot to make sure it didn't get too diluted.

    More on the "Watermelon Balls" - I'm guessing they get the name because of their color. They look like little watermelons, although the filling is a dark brown. It tasted almost like a ground peanut filling, but there must have been some other stuff in there as well.

    The soup dumplings were awesome. Much better than the ones at China Jen. China Jen's are small, these things were much bigger (although there were still 4 in the order) had a lot more broth, looked better, were less prone to leakage, and had a better filling. First time we'd seen them in three visits, and now I need to figure out how to get them every time.

    One other note... we decided that Jun Bo has moved to the top of our Dim Sum list (we haven't been to the new Dim Sum at Mai Village) because of the atmosphere. First of all, the staff are super friendly, and didn't hesitate to get something from a cart that we hadn't seen in a while. Secondly, because the place is so big, there's no crowding, and the rushed feeling we've gotten in some places was nowhere to be found.

    One of the reasons we really like the laid back feeling is that we've found that the longer we spent there, the more unique items kept coming from the kitchen. By about 1:00, things were quieting down. But, if you can get there around 10:30, and pace yourself for a couple of hours, you'll really be amazed at what they can do. (If you fill your table with goodies from the first cart that comes by, you'll find yourself too full when a waiter circulates with a tray of something really neat.)

    1. You HAD to mention soup dumplings didn't you. Argh.

      Jun Bo here I come.

      p.s. - thanks for the great writeup. One question for the Jun Bo initiated...can a person actually dine there solo? I'm thinking lunch on a weekday.

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        Solo lunching at Jun Bo is just fine. I was there alone, a week or two ago, and was treated extremely well. There were only three or four carts circulating during the lunch hour, but the selection was pretty good - all the standards and a few "unusual" things.

        My only problem was taking too many dim sum plates, but the leftovers made a great breakfast the next day.


      2. I don't see why not, although I can't promise they'd have the soup dumplings. (And, now I'm not sure if they called them Shanghai Juicy Dumplings or Singapore Juicy Dumplings) Jun Bo has the "standard" Dim Sum items on steam carts that circulate, and then has waiters circulate with a tray full of a single item until that item is gone. The Soup Dumplings were one of those things, and were something we spotted only once in three weekend visits there. (Each visit was over an hour too.)

        You might be able to get them by special request, but you might want to call ahead and check.

        1. Soup Dumplings are a standard in Shanghai, even in fast food restaurants. I've never encountered them in four trips to Singapore.