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Oct 9, 2006 10:45 PM

Pies and layering (pumpkin/custard and sweet potato/pecan)

I have been thinking about pies lately and my mind drifts back to 2 that I remember from years gone by. The first was at an Amish restaurant and it was a layer of pumpkin pie on the bottom and custard pie on the top. It had a pastry crust. The second was at a cafeteria in Louisiana and it was sweet potato on the bottom with a layer of pecan pie on the top (not just pecans but the whole gooey, sticky, sweetness of a good pecan pie). I haven't ever seen recipes for these and don't know whether to prebake the bottom layers before adding the top layer. Any hints or other combinations?

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  1. Paul Prudhomme has a recipe for a sweet potato pecan pie in his first book "Chef Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen"

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      I make this every year for Thanskgiving, and people rave about it. It's a great recipe.

    2. I like to marble pumpkin pie with chocolate pumpkin on top.

      I've also eaten Mennonite tarts (I think they share the same roots with Amish) with berry on the bottom, and pecan maple on top.

      1. So what is the answer to Mimi's question about layered pumpkin and custard layer pumpkin pie? How is this done? What is the recipe?

        1. My impression is that all of these are versions of a custard, they should be fine with as simple a procedure as just layering the batter, right?

          1. Here is one recipe for pumpkin / pecan. Apparently you just carefully layer the pecan mixture on top of the custard.