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Only One Dinner in Detroit on a Sunday?

I am going to be attending a wedding north of Detroit and decided to take the last flight home on Sunday to get a chance to try Detroit Fare. Will have to 12pm-7pm to explore with a 9pm Flight, and I read that many places are not open on Sunday? We like bistros, mediterranean, or anything outstanding in any category. Not sure of Detroit pricing but it would be nice to keep it to $50 and below for two people. Thanks for any help! Also any great cheese shops?

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  1. I don't know about great cheese shops in Detroit proper - I think there's somewhere near Eastern Market, IIRC. But Ann Arbor has a couple of amazing cheese shops - Zingerman's Delicatessan and Morgan and York, if you're up for adventuring to Ann Arbor. I can give you some good dinner/brunch recommendations as well.

    1. I think Traffic Jam & Snug is your place! They are located in the Wayne State area - off of Cass on Canfield. Along with scrumptious menu items you will find a tasty array of cheeses, baked goods, bread and beer made on site. Enjoy!


      1. There are several great downtown restaurants that are worth your time - since you specifically mentioned mediterranean, head to Greek Town (which is downtown) for either some of the classic Greek restaurants or the more upscale Mosaic. for a bistro style setting, try Twingo's Euro Cafe (sorry - I couldn't readily find out their Sunday hours). I highly recommend the scallops.

        Also, one of the best restaurants in downtown right now is Seldom Blues. It might not fit your budget - but it will be a great and memorable meal, with views of the Detroit river.

        Good luck!

        1. Please, please, please, do your self a favor and head to Ann Arbor to check out Zingerman's. You can spend you afternoon cheching out The Deli which is not just a deli but a very special food shop as well. There is no other place to buy cheese in the area imo. You will be floored by the selection. You can taste ANYTHING in the store which is why you could spend the better part of the afternoon there.

          For dinner you can then go to Zingerman's Roadhouse for the most fabulous American fare.

          Ann Arbor is only about 40 minutes from Detroit and Zingeerman's is an institution that can not be missed for a foodie.


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            Zingerman's Roadhouse is incredibly over-priced. I mean, how good can mac and cheese be? And I love mac and cheese. My wife won't go back (she says). I'm borderline on going back. However, I've heard that the daily specials are reasonable, but I don't know if they have one on Sunday.

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              I find prices at The Roadhouse to be fair for what they serve.

              You are getting meats from Niman Ranch, clean thoughtfully raised produce from local farmers. The breads on the table are Zingerman's own Sourdough and Roadhouse Rye with local farm butter. There is no bread in the entire country that comes close to the beautiful Zingerman's bread. Same goes for Zingerman's desserts.

              Additionally, Zingerman's pays its employees a living wage and gives back to the community in meaningful ways.

              Finally, they servce the best "American" fare you'll find anywhere. Ribs and brisket are out of this world. Catfish and fried chicken, oh my. You haven't had grits until you've had theirs, try the mushroom salad. I could go on and on.

              1. re: luckygirl

                So, you're a fan. Good for you. But I'm still not going to pay those prices for comfort food, and I'm not going to recommend to some out-of-towner to pay those prices unless they state that price is no object. The goat cheese and wild mushroom enchiladas I had recently were mediocre. You can make brisket at home. Concerning the bread: Local baker Jeff Renner's baguettes blow Zingerman's away. A few stores carry them or you can get them directly from him (minimum order of eight loaves). Caveat: He makes only baguettes. I'm happy to hear that Zingerman's supports local farmers.

          2. I recently visited - and loved - Sunday at the Cadieux Cafe, on Warren. They do mussel dinners, and have good Belgian beers, and an excellent vibe.

            4300 Cadieux Rd., between Mack and Warren, Detroit

            1. My suggestions are:

              Greektown - Mosaic is great, but might not fit your $50 budget.
              Traditional Greek restaurants there will, e.g New Parthenon.

              Andiamo Riverfront in the RenCen also has great views of the River and Windsor. It's less expensive than Seldom Blues, and could fit your budget.

              1. I continue to be mystified by the reverence that people hold for Zingerman's. I grew up in Ann Arbor, went to undergrad, and then grad school at U of M. I've never found Zingerman's to be that spectacular. "There is no bread in the entire country that comes close to the beautiful Zingerman's bread. Same goes for Zingerman's desserts." Uh, have you traveled or eaten in other areas of the country with spectacular bakeries that would take umbrage at this assertion?

                In Detroit, try Middle Eastern food. Detroit has a huge population of people of Middle Eastern descent. That is where you are going to score some good chow that you may not get anywhere else in the country.

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                  I am totally game for Middle Eastern Food, do you know an area of town or a restaurant name that is particularly good? Also what items do you reccommend there? Much appreciated!

                2. There is a great cheese shop in Eastern Market in Detroit:

                  R Hirt Jr Co
                  2468 Market St
                  Detroit, MI 48207-4597

                  I really doubt that they are open on Sundays so please call in advance.

                  1. You can't even talk to the Ann Arbor people. If you were to make the drive out that way, give it another 15 minutes and go to the Common Grill in Chelsea.

                    Downtown Detroit gets better every day. The entire Metro area is full of wonderful restaurants. Ferndale, Royal Oak. If you like Middle Eastern food, and don't require a drink, drive into Dearborn, where every corner has sensational food.

                    You could also consider a trip across the river to Windsor and have wonderful Italian or Continental food. Erie Street has a Little Italy section, I'd recommend Spago.

                    1. For great middle eastern food in the Detroit area, I recommend La Shish. Actually, it's great middle eastern food compared to most of the US.

                      www.lashish.com for all their locations.

                      When I was living there in the early 90's it was just 2 locations in Dearborn (20 minutes west of downtown detroit), and the owner was still working as an engineer at Ford. Since then, they've grown to over a dozen locations all around the Detroit area.

                      From simple things like hummus which they serve with WARM housemade pita's to the shwarma to other less common dishes like the lentil mjadra, it's all good. Don't forget to try a smoothie as well.

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                      1. re: tex888

                        la shish is good.

                        there a a number of them around town, but many if not all are franchisees. there have been problems, however. the owner of the two dearborn locations, talal chahine (the west dearborn la shish also shares its kitchen with a more formal room, "talal's") was raided by the fbi/irs this past may because of $16mm of missing cash (tax evasion) and an implication that the funds were funneled to hezbohlah. big problem.

                        last week there was an article in the newspaper that the franchisees are severing ties and renaming their restaurants (some said business dropped 40% when the news broke). mr. chahine has publicly claimed his innocense.

                        that said, i love a bowl of crushed lentil soup and a fatoush salad with a mango smoothie for lunch a la shish.

                      2. Yeah, LaShish is very good. I could live on the hot pita that they will keep bringing to your table as long as you sit there and eat it.

                        1. xman, thanks for the update on Talal of LaShish. I'd hate to find out that he's guilty as charged.
                          Those restaurants always made me want to go visit Lebanon.

                          1. I just back from Detroit and tried La Shish. We had a very enjoyable dinner! Thank You. The salad and hot bread were standouts. Portions are huge!

                            1. I have to say that I was not impressed with Zingerman's either. after several people told me how wonderful the place was I went for lunch and everything that I ordered they were out of. I left and had lunch some place else so I never tasted what they didn't have. however La Shish and La pita are wonderful

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                                Hey, I'm with FoodGroupie (now to get the T-Shirt with the arrow). Zingerman's bread is sad. I just got a baguette there this week to double-check to see if, in the past, I got some 'bad yeast' or something. It was insipid, tasteless, and without merit. Whatever artisan baker puts their name on this bread should hang their floury head in shame. Anyway, sorry for the bread rant. If you're up for traditional Middle Eastern you have reached a special place in the United States. This is not nouvelle Lebanese this is lots of baba ghannouj, hummus, shish tawook, kibbe naye (my favorite - but then again who doesn't love raw ground lamb?). While LaShish is a traditional standout - conveniently located to the airport in either Dearborn or Livonia - I was pleasantly surprised by La Pita on Newman in Dearborn. They, along with La Shish, are unusual in that they also have a liquor license (and hookah pipes) for your added pleasure.