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Oct 9, 2006 10:40 PM

Culinary Arts School restaurant?

I've heard that the students from this school run a restaurant but i can't find a website for it, and i don't remember its name.

Can you help me? And also, if you've been, is it good? Any recommendations?



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  1. Are you talking about the CIA in Napa or the CA Culinary Academy in SF (Cordon Bleu)?

    I've been to both. The SF Academy is on Polk street. I have gone for the buffet dinners a few times. Presentation is very well done but the food is not that good! I will not be going back.

    The Wine Spectator Greystone Restaurant in the Napa area was much better. It is a conventional restaurant with a great wine list and the tables face the open kitchen. Food was very good and pricing was about right, if not slightly overpriced since these are students cooking.

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      I meant the one in SF. I thought they had buffets for lunches but maybe i'm wrong.

      From the website you can't get any inf. about the restaurant. Do you know its name or a direct website??

      I didn't know about the one in Napa. I might try it!!



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        The cooks at the Wine Spectator Greystone Restaurant are not students. They are paid employees.

      2. I've been to the one on Polk in SF several times over the past few years, always as someone's guest, because it would never be my choice... IMHO its overrated. Have had both lunches and dinners there, and yes it is buffet. The only items I enjoyed were the desserts. ok and maybe some of the apps. My experience is that whatever they serve in the back room on the steam trays is mediocre at best. here is the link to the restaurant... although there is not much info there. If you plan on going, you need to call the # and leave a message letting them know how many in the party, which date, and which seating -- they will return your call to confirm.

        1. There are a few in the Bay Area, one each at Laney College in Oakland, CCSF in San Francisco, one on Teasure Island, not sure which days of the day they serve lunches. You will have to call and see.

          These are close to San Francisco, but there are others that requires a little travel time.

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            Santa Rosa JC's program has a bakery and serves breakfast and lunch.

          2. Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill (DVC )has a great lunch. I don't remember the name of the place. I am sure if you Google you can find it. It is very good food, good service, and almost cheap.

            1. I used to eat at the grill aka Tavern on the Tenderloin.