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Oct 9, 2006 09:57 PM

tell me how to reheat polenta

I have some spread out on a plate from last night's dinner. I want to serve as side of tonight's braise. Should I cut up and saute in olive oil? butter? Hmmm.

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  1. I'd suggest cutting it up and sauteing it - olive oil works well. Saute until it starts to brown. Personally, I cut it up into triangles - looks interesting on the plate...

    1. Grilling is good too, if it's firm enough.

      1. try dredging in semolina before sauteing - gives the exterior more crunch while the interior gets soft...

        1. Baking with a drizzling of evoo has also worked for me -- you can use less oil that way, plus you don't have to watch it as carefully.

          1. thanks. I sauteed in a very hot pan w/ olive oil. I was concerned about saturating in oil, which I did not want. I encouraged a seared edge though that was hard to do, so I'm here to report one need not worry about overcooking or browning cut-up leftover polenta in order to reheat and re-use it.
            I wanted it as a sub for freshly-made polenta for under braised lamb shanks (which I now need to go report on). As I was cooking it I thought: if I want as a stand-alone side dish, I might sprinkle on some grated parm and broil. But it's all happily in my tummy now!

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              NYCC - Oh you were so right in thinking about adding Parm. That is the way I have made leftover polenta for yrs now. I actually have made Polenta specifically for frying it the next day. I put the hot fresh Polenta in a glass loaf baking "pan". When it's cool enough place in the fridge til the next day. When you invert it It comes out pretty easily and slice to desired thickness. Fry in olive oil til golden and while still hot grate Parm over the top which will melt somewhat. I wouldn't broil long or at all as you wouldn';t want to lose the fresh Parm flavor.