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Oct 9, 2006 09:49 PM

BBQ between Lax and Hollywood

Does anyone have recs for good cue for lunch tomorrow? Please don't suggest Greece's, they are too unreliabley there. Thanks !

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  1. Woody's and the Inglewood branch of Phillips are a hop, skip and jump from LAX. I prefer Phillips but the battle rages on.

      1. re: Wes

        I second Porky's BBQ.

        Porky's BBQ
        801 E. Manchester Blvd.
        (310) 671-2900

        Porky's web site:

      2. Zekes in West Hollywood

        1. Take Crenshaw to hit up Stevie's, Tasty-Q or Phillips...then hop on LaBrea a few streets over.

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          1. re: Xericx

            Stevie's is closed (and they weren't about BBQ.) These days it's all about Woody's on Slauson. Take out only.

            1. re: Sandra W

              I've had good sliced beef at the Woody's on Labrea, south edge of downtown Inglewood. A few indoor tables and small parking lot at this location.

          2. Phillips BBQ on the corner of Crenshaw and Adams. EZ access to LAX from there.