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Oct 9, 2006 09:47 PM

Restaurants in Greenwich CT.

Would appreciate some recs for Greenwich. Food and atmosphere are important. We like Valbella, however, we would like to try something different.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. We liked the food at Valbella, but found the atmosphere a little stuffy.

    For other upscale eats, you might try Polpo, also Italian. I've heard good things about Baang, but haven't been. We also like Mediterraneo on Greenwich Ave -- again, Italian. We recently enjoyed Elm St. Oyster House, just off Greenwich Ave. Great, fresh seafood.

    We often eat at the Beach House Cafe in Old Greenwich for a more casual evening.

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      Polpo is terrific. Baang has good food but is very loud (which I don't mind) and Elm Street Oyster House is a good staple. All great choices IMHO.

    2. You will find a fairly opinionated divergence on Valbella. I am in the camp of it's an overpriced, over-pretentious, lousy food establishment. Four meals and I never finished any of them. Blah!! Even the veal chop has an attitude.

      With all the restos available in G'wich and surrounding towns, life's too short to have the staff treat you as if you are lucky to be there. But, if you like this type of atmosphere you should try La Cremeliere or some form of the word, just over the NY border. OMG over the top pretentious. Not only do you need a reservation for the table but the waiters act like you should make an appointment to speak to them.

      On the psoitive side, Baang is a blast, very casual in the Puck mode of China Grill. Rebecca's is my favorite resto in G'wich, and if you like this place, try it's cousin in Rye, RK, both outstanding. Henkleman's is also top tier but I have only been there for 20+ biz dinners, but they pulled that off flawlessly.

      Just walk up G'wich Ave, follow your nose and enjoy. Lots of good food with good people all over.

      1. I like Barcelona. I stick with the tapas menu. After 7pm, on many days it has a vibrant atmosphere.

        1. For Asian fusion, try Asiana Cafe on Putnam Ave.

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            Yes, I like Asiana too. Nice to eat outside in good weather...

          2. We also love Barcelona. It's a fun night out.