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Puff Pastry

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Does anyone know where to buy decent ready made puff pastry in Toronto? I'm looking for stuff made with butter NOT that revolting hydrogenated oil....Any ideas?

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  1. Loblaw's sells puff pastry made with butter. I have not tried it! I don't know of any other retail source in Toronto.

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      I've tried the Loblaw's puff pastry from the Queen's Quay Market and it was actually pretty good.

    2. I believe there is a store at the lower level of St. Lawrence market that sells frozen puff pastry...(it's the small place with lots of frozen items) I do not recall if it is made with butter... but worth checking out while you're there...

      1. I posted this last year, looking for the really good stuff.
        Thanks to chowhounds I got the most amazing puff pastry at Rahier. All butter, delicious.

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          Thanks that's exactly the sort of stuff I'm looking for - all butter! Do Rahier carry it all the time, do you know?

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            Here is my findings that I posted last year:

            To follow up: the place at the market had the pastry for $3.99 for a 1/2 pound package, Rahier had 500 gram packages for $5.00, both were frozen.

            The Rahier puff pastry was made with butter and the market with shortening. I went with the Rahier and hope the mushroom tarts turn out tomorrow.

            So, that was last year and the prices may have changed. I remember calling Rahier and they told me if I came on a specific day I could get it fresh but otherwise they would hold the frozen packages for me. I got the frozen and it was excellent. BTW - Recipe for Rob Feenie's mushroom tarts with Puff Pastry is excellent.

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              Thanks so much for this Mila - both the recos. for the pastry - I'll give Rahier a call - and the Rob Feenie recipe.